Received as heroes dogs of binomials rescuers of the Gto –

As heroes, they were greeted by the dogs of the binomials rescuers Guanajuato. Luk, Maya, Scott, Zizú Titan and Akela are the names of the dogs from the different corporations and delegations who moved to Mexico City after the earthquake that crippled the city last September 19.

Kids and adults cheered the arrival of the so-called Dog rescuers to the facilities of the Parque Guanajuato Bicentenario, demonstrating that you are ready for any emergency to save lives and continue providing support.

Is known as binomial canine to the team by the coach, and your dog, the connection that exists between them is evident, as the dogs are trained from puppies to fulfill its bold mission, of this connection depends on you to perform a successful rescue.

These dogs that a majority of does not exceed 5 years, were trained for 16 months based leisure activities but above all, love on the part of their coaches, as well stated by Alan Hernandez and Roberto Palomino volunteers of the Red Cross delegation Lion members of the group, K-SAR, who considered “their children four-legged”.

Luk and Maya, rescued the bodies of people who unfortunately lost their lives in the earthquake for three days, while Titan and Akela had five days of hard work operating in the disaster areas.

Mauricio Pantoja, head of the Canine Unit of Silao pointed out that these dogs receive a special diet and hard training for especializarlos in different tasks of rescue, one of them locate the bodies of people trapped in the rubble.

The dog rescuers are transferred in units designed especially for their needs, have the necessary space to be able to move, air conditioning, and ventilation so that they can perform their mission in any place where their help is needed.


During his life, Luk, the dog rescuer from Red Cross Delegation León has conducted 10 rescues water.

Maya, a member of the group K-SAR of the Red Cross, is a dog of 4 years who specializes in the detection of bodies.

Thanks to Zizú coupling of canine of the International Association of Training and Training of Dog Trainers B.C., succeeded in rescuing 7 people and recover the body of 16 people who unfortunately died in the earthquake .

Titan and Akela were able to rescue 26 persons, during the five days of arduous work in the disaster zones of Mexico City.

More than a hundred people were rescued by dogs of different corporations, in the areas affected by the earthquakes.

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