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SUNCHALES (our Agency). – As had been advance with the local Municipality, the past 8 of march, International Women’s Day and promoted various activities by adhering to the date.
The activities developed are detailed below:

The employed city participated in a talk organized by the bureau Or A Less Sunchales, which took place during the morning of Wednesday, 8 in the central hall of the Municipal Building.
In the opportunity he showed a video about the different struggles women made throughout history to conquer rights, and it was an instance of reflection in relation to those edges that remain.

In the afternoon took place the traditional act of homage in the House of the History and Culture of the Bicentennial. Every year this activity is carried on by the Municipal Executive Department and the City Council, the same consists primarily in making delivery of the distinction of Women from Sunchales to seven neighboring the city, as set forth in the Ordinance 1.800/2008.

Mary Magdalene Lallana (proposal by the humane Association Sunchales); Iseley Rita Pagliero (House of the Child “Corner Sun”); María Alejandra Bougnon (Civil Association Day Centre The Lighthouse); Lilliana Teresita Destéfanis (Grandfather’s House Fall Happy); Liliana del Carmen Tardivo (Club Atletico Union); Mercedes Sánchez and María Cristina Catalá (School 1,212 In “Pioneers of Rochdale”.
It should be noted that, due to health concerns, Mary Magdalene Lallana did not attend the feast, flocking in their representation Judith Morra, a member of the board of Directors of the humane local.
In addition, during the ceremony acted the singer folk Claudia Banderas, and presented the work Women of the theater group Platform, led by Gabriel Fiorito and performed by local artists.
Towards the evening took the form of the March of Women, an activity that began at 19:30 in Liberty Square.
In this framework, the table, Or A Less Sunchales handed over a petition aimed at the Executive and Legislative branches of the city. The secretary of Human Rights, Raquel Carrer, received the document on behalf of the local Municipality.

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