Reconquista: agree to sanctions against a woman who abused a … – Radio Dawn

In a ruling precedent, in a “hearing of suspension of judgment”, it was agreed that the woman who abused a dog must comply with community work along with a Protector of Animals, to pay a thousand pesos and not be able to have pets under their guard.

Silvina Bengler, a member of the humane “MELAMPO”, pointed out to RADIO DAWN that “what was done today (Wednesday) is a hearing on suspension of trial of a person accused of acts of abuse towards an animal that occurred in the year 2015”.

Then he described the fact of abuse occurred almost two years ago saying “when we concur to the place by means of a complaint, a call, the little animal was being attacked because he had a hook in his head, by this person. Gave intervention to the police and there is what could rescue”. From there – he added – we started the judicial process”.

He then explained what happened in the morning of this Wednesday in a hearing that is conducted in the Public Ministry of the Prosecution of the Reconquest, stating that “in an agreement between the office of the Prosecutor, the NGO (MELAMPO) and the part imputed to them, it was to this suspension of judgment, which provides that, for six months, this person has to do community work together to Protective four hours a week, you have to pay a thousand pesos and may not have household pets and in case of having them, should be supervised by the NGOS.” “This suspension of judgement – clarified by last – are the causes for the term of one year, where you are going to manage, we have to make a monthly report to the Public Ministry of the Accusation, and there they will decide if it continues this way or starts the trial for child abuse.”

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