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BACALAR, Q. Roo.- Altruistic people of the municipality and a civil association, they will carry out a campaign of sterilization, feline and canine, to reduce the fauna street. The operation cost is 100 pesos per animal.

Bertha Georgina Tavera Rosales, coordinator of Municipal Health, pointed out that, in general, a particular operation of this kind ranges between 400 and 600 pesos, but experts from the Association of Civil Caulker Animal Assistance Throungn Sterelization “as caats” of the united States, they will do it for 100 pesos per animal.

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He noted that the intent of such campaigns is to prevent animals ending up on the street by their proliferation within the home, because it turns out, several families sent to the streets by the spending that they represent.

She said that faced with the impossibility of having a control center and canine in Bacalar, are seeking the sterilization of pets so constant, in order to avoid the reproduction of the same.

Indicated that it intended to sterilize at least 160 animals between dogs and cats, which will be preventing a large number of pets end up wandering in the streets, taking in consideration that at least each of them has reproductive capacity of between five and nine puppies.

Elihu Omar Koyoc Pech, president of the Canaco Bacalar, noted that many people via social networks, are offering donations of 100 pesos, which is the cost of the operation, to sterilize an animal of the street.

He called on the general public to join this partnership in order to ensure that a greater number of animals in the street to get this surgery, to go by reducing the number of fauna street all day they wander through the streets of the city in search of food and shelter.

The operations will be conducted on 30th and 31st of August, as well as days one and two of September from eight in the morning to six in the afternoon, at the offices of the National Chamber of Commerce (Canco) delegation Bacalar, located on the avenue seven with streets 26 and 28 of the colonia Mario Villanueva.

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