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After your extensive tour of the various commissions, the project of the cuchas for dogs, today is finally converted into a fact. The initiative of the councilman animalistic consists in authorizing the Protective Rosario to install cuchas or shelter for dogs community, in the squares and parks of the city.

«There are currently thousands of dogs community sleeping in public spaces, outdoors and unprotected because they have been abandoned by their owners, or perhaps never have had it. It is for this reason that the Protective Rosario, worried by this situation has shown us the need and urgency to build cuchas for dogs community who do not have a shelter, to shelter from inclement weather that are living in the city», explains Dr. Cossia.

While the initiative was proposed by the vet, was a project worked on jointly with the animal protectors of the Rosary. From this, the President of the Protective Rosario, Ms. Veronica Lopez Geppa explains: «starting today, many animals will seek refuge and have a better quality of life, as they deserve. We will continue in the struggle, defending the rights of our faithful companions, although it does not have a voice, now have a bench that represents

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