«Repented not»: Tinelli told the posta of the low Mole Moli … – The Uncompromising

BUENOS AIRES (Drafting) — With peaks of rating incredible, again Showmatch to the screen of The Thirteen and promised a 2017 in full. The day after the grand opening, Marcelo Tinelli talked about everything and the topic of the «Mole» Moli was not outside. Video.

As you already know, the ex-boxer was dropped from the Dancing 2017 due to their fanaticism and support for greyhound racing, as he continues to soteniendo this position despite the fact that supposedly in a «private chat with el Chato Prada, he was repentant and no longer was in agreement with these races,» commented the super driver in los Angeles in The Morning.

In addition, Marcelo clarified that the decision that is not in the program took him and nothing more he, making reference to the rumors that his daughter Candelaria, protective of the animals, had some kind of influence.

«The decisions I take myself. What is certain is that Candy loves the animals and the time to say something, she is not silent nothing, we all know this. Yes I wanted that the Mole is not in the program and was so happy with the decision,» he explained.

He recalls also that the Mole from the beginning was «annoying. If you want to send me letter to do that, each one is handled in its own way. He was a character that I liked and amused me».

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JkPsLE2i38c&w=560&h=315]

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