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ENSENADA, Baja California(GH)

Thanks to a report through the social networks, the AsociaciÃ3n Protectora de Animals atendiÃ3 a new case of animal abuse at the Colonia 89, where a dog was hit and dragged allegedly by a neighbor.

The spokesperson of the asociaciÃ3n, Daniela GarcÃa-Salgado, informÃ3 the early hours of Wednesday received several messages in the website of the asociaciÃ3n, neighbors reported a woman who allegedly had committed acts of abuse of a dog on the street.

One of the reportantes manifestÃ3, who was a witness when her neighbor golpeÃ3 brutally to a dog because it had gotten to his room to wash and then arrastrÃ3 to a stream.

Coincidentally, minutes before the alleged responsible for the name Marlen, had published on his page on Facebook a picture of the dog in where he said that the dog had gotten to his house and wanted to get it out.

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“Nos communicate with the neighbor, who was a witness, we proporcionÃ3 the direcciÃ3n exact and two volunteers immediately went to the creek to rescue the animal and we even have videos of the dog after you have suffered the agresiÃ3nâ€�, expresÃ3.

GarcÃa-Salgado mencionÃ3 that the dog had dislocated his muzzle, blood in the legs and internal bleeding, however, even though I was pretty scared, at any time mostrÃ3 aggressive and were able to rescue him.

※ rescuers were called to the police, the officers set up a report of the incident and already made a criminal complaint with all the evidence we have so far, we hope that the Ministry Public continúe with the investigaciÃ3n, the situaciÃ3n of the dog is quite delicate and there is internadoâ€�, apuntÃ3.

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