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perro maltratado 12052017rg02HERMOSILLO, SON.- By leaving a puppy tied up outside his home, a neighbor of the colony Revolution 2 was reported by volunteers of the institution of the Paw of the Dog, since it violated the regulations of animal care of the City of Hermosillo.

Carolina Araiza, director of the association for the protection of animals, explained that to find the animal he was entangled in the same string, what hurt one of his legs.

“The puppy was tangled in the chain, had no way to move around and the leg it was swollen; it was clear that the animal was suffering,” he explained.

Because of this, both Carolina Araiza as a staff the Leg of a Dog waited for the owner of the animal, who explained that she had left the dog tied up because he had broken a few plants, however, they clarified, did not know that you were doing damage.

“The animal’s owner was flexible and understood that was not right what he had done, however the complaint had already been filed, since it is very important that owners learn that under no excuse is right tighten the animals, because it affects your health, both physical and their behavior, to make them more aggressive,” said Carolina.



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