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As well as the organizations that protect animals challenged cockfighting and greyhound racing, now has come the turn of the trick riding and dressage. An NGO with seat in Buenos Aires, aimed against the “Festival of Pony Folklore and Don Victoriano Expensive”, that will take place tomorrow in Band of the River came out. This is a new outpost in the fight for the final prohibition of this type of traditional shows. There is already a bill in the Chamber of Deputies of the Nation.

“We consider that the performances of dressage and trick riding are abused horses, infringiéndoles a torture that hurts them physically and psychologically. That is punishable by law, the 14.346 (1954). We are not interested in punishing anyone, just stop doing shows of this type,” said the lawyer Elma Putty, the NGO Animal Life Argentina, in dialogue with THE GAZETTE. The questioning of Mansilla arrived at the Prosecutor Unit for the Investigation of Crimes Against the Environment (Ufima), located in the City of Buenos Aires, but with competition across the country. The prosecutor in charge is Ramiro Gonzalez.

In anticipation of the possible response of the associations of gauchos who kept alive the custom of trick riding, Mansilla compared with other traditions equally deep-rooted: “the slavery has been usual for a long time, that has not prevented it was abolished. The law changes with time, that it is a tradition does not mean that we cannot leave it aside”.

“There is abuse”

The pony morning is still standing, and organizers are aware of the complaint. Argue that until the moment, only asked for a report by the Municipality of Banda del Rio Sali, who authorized the activity.

“There is an ignorance very large, because the animal of the trick riding is not mistreated or tortured. We follow a regulation that sets up the width of the rebenque (whip) that is used and that, rather than punish the horse, which makes is presence. It also establishes that the spurs are mochas (without prongs or sharp edges), so neither is hurt the animals,” explained James Reyes, secretary of the Association Gaucha Victorian Expensive, the organizer of the meeting.

Horses for trick riding receive care throughout the year for arrive in good condition to the meetings, » says Reyes. “Before authorizing the pony, the humane Society handles that are vaccinated, well fed and healthy. During the pony there are veterinarians who check the animals before and after of the day…”, he described. And he added: “many of the animals involved are recovered from owners who have not been able to tame, then the breeding and the caring for the pony; if not, go to the refrigerator”.

Kings invited the complainants to visit the site where you will find gaucho morning. “Trick riding is a tradition in argentina, which involved a lot of people. Just look at Jesus, Mary, the ‘world’ of the pony, to check the strength that you have. In no way is abusive to animals,” he reiterated.


In October of last year, the Justice suspended in Tucumán cockfighting, an activity that in our province was governed by the law 6.048 (1990), but it was in conflict with the law, national “animal protection”, 14.346. Also in the last year, but at the national level, is prohibited by law the races of dogs of any breed throughout the country and established a penalty of between three months and four years imprisonment for those who organise, promote or conduct.

Those two measures were the great achievements of the organizations protectionist during 2016. Now turn on the discussion of the trick riding. In fact, the last 31 of march, he entered the National Congress a project of law impelled by the deputy of the PRO – Daniel Lipovetzky, which seeks to eradicate trick riding all over the country. On the site that initiative had met the 60,000 wills against the trick riding.

«Other than cockfighting or greyhound racing»

Look whipped to all sides. An animal rearing, trying to flip the whole coast to the rider. Tension and nervousness is the feeling of the popular trick riding, a custom gaucho which has its mecca in the festival of Jesus Maria, Córdoba.

“A horse for trick riding, in general, live loose in the field, well fed, well cared for and with a permanent monitoring. Participate in these meetings two or three times a year, as much, and the past tend to be one or two per animal in the whole day. I don’t see that there is a torture or abuse,” says the veterinarian Javier Toranzos, specializing in large animals.

The doctor does share the look with the protectionist about greyhound racing and fighting cocks. “The roosters are hurt, are ill, suffer from a lot of stress a long time. Greyhounds, for example, are bombarded with drugs to render more and when the time comes for the race sobreexigen and can injury incurable, so they are slaughtered. There is a clear abuse, in the two cases, but it does not do the same with the trick riding”, he compared.

Looking at it carefully, analyzes Toranzos, it is likely that the race horses suffer more than the trick riding. “Those animals-he continues – are enclosed in boxes very small, they depart a little from there, so you might think that living in permanent stress. And in addition to the races last much longer than the seconds it takes to make a pony”.

The vet insisted that it is unquestionable the fight of the protectionist in the case of cockfighting, and greyhound racing, in that there are many more cases in which the animal dies or is sacrificed, but does not share the look of the organizations in the case of the trick riding.

The vice-president of the humane Society of Tucumán, Lorena Good, agreed that there is abuse of horses during the dressage. “We issue a permit for pony and dressage, and we make sure to control the state in which they are animals, we inspected the boxes-reported-. While there is no harm to the animal, they have the endorsement of the humane Society. I think that is something very argentine that will be very difficult to eradicate.”

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