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A member of the protectionist independent of animals, told what happened when you ran the state in which are the dogs captured in the street.


The day Friday the 19th we headed to the municipal kennel with intentions of speaking with the head of the area of Animal Welfare, Guillermo Basualto, to know what was going to be the fate of the dogs that carry held for over two months.

After that we met an employee of the Yard stating that Mr Basualto we are not going to attend because I was talking about by phone, we decided to go to the part of the veterinary division, where perform the castrations. On the way we find the place where keep the dogs locked up. There, we were able to visualize one of the dogs without life. Immediately, we headed down to the staff working in the instead, those who claimed not to have knowledge that there was a dead dog.

In that moment appears the Dr. Basualto who also did not know that the animal was lifeless. We ask you the explanation, to which he replied that he had been an «accident” and be excused by saying that the previous day had not gone the protective Barrel to release the dogs. The response was not as expected and it is our contention that had not reasons to bring a dog Pitbull breed dangerous –I already had prior complaints have bitten – with other dogs.

In addition, we insist on the ordinance is not being met because of the dogs that enter the «kennel” should be castrated to 48 hours, and these animals had been castrated almost two months later. Moreover, we denounce that since the municipality no diffusion of animals -a task that must be done – to get people that the adopt.

With our insistence on a satisfactory response and after show the negligence and responsibility of the municipality, we receive, once more, screams and abuse on the part of Dr. Guillermo Basualto.

What the protective hope is that you take the necessary steps as a way of prevent the deaths, that the municipality comply with the ordinances, we require a plan of neuter mass and the end of the mistreatment of the servants to with the protectors who fight for the welfare of the animals.

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