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legislators veracruz made deaf ears to the majority of the population in Veracruz, which already does not want more violence of any kind, either against animals, said Adriana Vicar, protector and founder of the association «Looking Animal.»

«He was very hurt the trust to the governor and to the legislators.»
The defender of the rights of animals described as «terrible» the kick was given in the government Miguel Angel Yunes Linares, and in the current Local Congress, in the field of animal protection. This referring to the approval of the Law which allows the conduct of cockfights and of vaquilladas, in the state of Veracruz.

«The message I got is: no matter the respect for life, no matter what you say the population, it does not matter that you violate the laws… Listened only to a group, for economic interests».

He recalled that Veracruz had given an example in the country, and was at the forefront in the field of animal protection, which was laid down in the current administration.


The protective regretted that the governor has violated the law and has failed to fulfil its promise signed, for the protection of animals, this with your criticized that in Mexico, in which he noted that there would be vaquillada because the governor and what he said.

«The message was: it does not matter that you violate the laws, I am the main responsible for ensuring the laws in the state, I am, blatantly violating… a Few days after legislators approved the amendment to the Law to allow cockfighting and vaquilladas. There are No words to describe something like that.»

In addition, he lamented, «now it was very clear that what this Legislature is giving priority to the interests of, and an economic sector, and it is very clear that not know to listen to the voice of the majority of the population of veracruz that no longer accepts violence, and cruelty against animals, but the legislators did not listen, only favored the money of an economic sector, above the respect for life».

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