Require results from families of victims – The Journal of Victoria City (press Release)

Mauricio Zapata.-

Relatives of missing people announced the creation of the Community in the Search for the Missing in Tamaulipas, which will be an association that requires, to monitor and cooperate with the authorities in the investigation of such cases.

Among its first actions is to require a search party that includes families in the prospective phase, mapping, inspection, as well as the observation of procedures that are carried out and accepted the tests as evidence. In the same way, ask to review records for each case.

The founders of this Community issued a communiqué in which they announced the formation of this group, which is built only and exclusively by the families of missing persons in the entity.

In its bulletin reported that in order to achieve its objectives requires the collaboration of both the office of the Attorney General of the Republic (PGR) and the National Commission of Security (CNS), with whom some families have already sought support to carry out the forensic identification, genetic, anthropological, binomials canines, ground penetrating radar in order not to wait in Tamaulipas are trained and organized staff.

“The families of the disappeared, we come together to demand that the Legislative, Executive and Judiciary of Mexico and Tamaulipas, and to the 43 municipalities receive from their abilities, the contingency humanitarian of the disappearance and enforced disappearance”, pointed out the members of this new Community.

Made clear that, as the association shall require the Attorney tamaulipeca looking for their relatives in all corners of rural and urban areas of the entity.

“In the places that we have knowledge by their own research, because what is most important, before the justice, is to find our loved ones”.

Relied on to have a much closer approach with the authorities of the Government tamaulipeco in order to establish the necessary mechanisms that have a bearing on the results that they need, that is to say, in finding their family members who for some reason have disappeared.

The Citizen Community in the Search for the Missing in Tamaulipas is formed by more than two thousand people who share the same problem.

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