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By: Patricia Carrasco

Mexico city.- Star, cinnamon, Matías, Baby, Chiquita, Diego Rivera, Frida, Purple, Shell, Bruno, Frida, Max, are some of the 130 dogs and bitches who dwell in the shelter of Silvia Garcia, in the street of Nayarit in the colonia Roma, a “rescue dog”, as she is called; “not a protector of animals”. Now, after the earthquake of the 19th of September, have rescued 20 dogs, 3 of whom live in his house, the rest, are in a temporary home. Although already found 4 owners and they were given back to your pet.

In the wake of the last earthquake of magnitude 7.1 Tuesday 19, he asked for help to feed the dogs affected, although he said that she had always kept her profile low, as the public announcement is a double-edged sword, because many people will abandon and do not want their dogs, or because they do not want to by multiple excuses.

In a visit THE PRESS house, said that in the next two months, will not give in adoption to any of the victims of the earthquake, I waited to see if their owners are looking for, then maybe their families are also left without a roof, and will be looking for a place to live.

The hostel Silvia has 18 years in the South Rome, and 7 years in colonia Escandón.

As a person, lover of dogs, remember that these are living beings “that we have to respect, love and seek because they are helpless”. So he summoned those who buy a pet, understand that they are not toys or objects, to treat them well, because they are part of a family. “The scourge, garage and backyard are not places for a dog”. Nor are they to entertain no one”. You must sterilize, vaccinate and check that they are healthy.

Put more dogs in your house in the street of Nayarit, “it is not fair to them, nor do I have the capacity nor the space”, we are already overwhelmed, the idea is not to accumulate, because it means abuse, it is easy to pick up a dog and take it to any shelter, but do not understand that the hostels are all saturated, there is no ability for so many dogs abandoned.

Garcia is a native of the City of Mexico and from childhood lived with animals, and for the last 25 years has been rescued from the street to dozens of dogs. “If someone said that the 130 dogs that are in my house, are victims of the earthquake, is a lie.”

He argued that when he made his request for public support, was because it had only 5 sacks, but he touched it to the earthquake, and is complicated, because every 15 days the people who know her in the Park of Spain, will donate food for the dogs. And after your call, a lot of people brought food, “but the truth nor do I have space to have both food and went to other shelters with their resources to help the dogs.

One of the people that works with her, was the one who led the dogs, which were found after the quake. And is now aware that a lot of people will want to take dogs, because they want to get rid of them, saying that they are victims of the earthquake.

With the barking of their dogs in the background, Silvia regretted that thousands of these street are affected from birth. And said that she is not profiting from the animals.

To feed 130 dogs, you must have 1300 pounds of food monthly. He commented that the actress, Libya Brito and a company I have been helping on 4 occasions with a donation of 4 tonnes of food, in different spaces, from one year to the here.

The day of the quake could not reach the food, and “I enter in despair at not having food to feed them. On one occasion we had no food to give them, and broke tortillas with chicken seasoning and that they ate”. The other day came a girl with 4 sacks.

He said that she kept food for your dogs, for the next 2 months, because we don’t know what’s coming, “the crisis after the earthquake is starting, we don’t know who comes, if people are going to keep donating, because of the proximity of the earthquake, but in all the hostels, you will need food for the entire year.

She said that when people are taught to respect a dog, there will be changes in the country, as unfortunately we are in first place in animal abuse, pedophilia, human trafficking, corruption,

It is interesting to see how it overflows with people, in the early days of quake, there were volunteers (morning, afternoon, and night to take care of the dogs, “but unfortunately it is the euphoria of the quake that will happen in a few days.

In your house have areas for the dogs on the ground floor, in the upstairs and roof, where they work three people. Which are cleaned, morning, afternoon, and night… actually, the place is very clean and does not smell of dog.

He knows very well the name of each dog, as she baptizes, though it has some of the breed pitbull, a shepherd of waters Portuguese, chihuahua, most are mestizos.

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