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Activists of animal protection , and city officials rescued 12 dogs locked up and abandoned in a home in Santa Cruz Xoxocotlán, Oaxaca; reported that the animals were on the verge of dying from lack of food and water.

This Saturday, neighbours alerted the authorities of the city, about the supposed refuge of canes, in which were locked up since 14 days ago. They mentioned that seven more had already died and others were buried clandestinely.

“It was a scenario dantesque, dogs starving, dead of hunger; other corpses around the courtyard, some half buried”, was narrated by telephone the representative of Activists of Animal Protection of Oaxaca (Apaoax), Hilda Toledo.

The finding occurred in the calle La Paz # 101, the colony Union of the municipality, where he went also staff of the municipality of Santa Cruz Xoxocotlán.

According to the activist, investigated that he rented the home of mrs. Nancy White, who says the protection of animals and owed four months of rent, mentioned that from several days ago is not present in the premises.

Before the smells stinker, the neighbors decided to look to the authorities, they at once contacted the members of «Apaoax», who came to the rescue of the animals, brought them food and perform cleaning duties. At night, he went to the State Attorney General’s office, who filed a complaint against who or those who are responsible.

According to the municipal authority, Nancy White came to have up to 28 dogs at the address, but before the abandonment, in the last few days, the dogs in search of food to survive they chose to go all-out on the second floor in search of food.

This person allegedly works in the area of public safety of the municipal government of Oaxaca de Juárez, who chose not to respond to the public report.


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