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Oaxaca.- After receiving a citizen complaint about the neglect of dogs at a residence located in the calle La Paz # 101, col. Union in the municipality of Xoxocotlán, health personnel, and representatives of the Association for the protection of Dogs Friends of Oaxaca performed an inspection to ensure 8 canines who were suffering from famine and animal abuse.

To acts of abandonment of dogs in the above-mentioned address, the Health Committee of the cologne Union reported acts of animal abuse and offending against the life of canines by Nancy White, who allegedly had a shelter for dogs in quality street coming to have up to 28 teeth, which by hunger and despair experienced in the last few days escaped (a few have died in the attempt and others managed to flee to survive); others died at home for lack of food, those who by despair were devoured.

This Saturday around 10:30 am in the morning, city staff tried to enter, however, unable to pass to the interior of the house requesting support of the activist of animal protection of Oaxaca, Hilda Toledo director of the Association for the protection of Dogs Friends of Oaxaca (APAOAX) to rescue 8 furry providing them with food and water, the animals were found in poor conditions and bony for lack of attention.

During the rescue, activists pointed out that the canines will be moved to one-stop centers for comprehensive care and safety.

It should be noted that during the process of rescue canines, staff of the municipality of Xoxocotlán contacted Nancy White to ask you to come to the home and rescue these dogs and bring them to the Department of Canine Control City, where they will receive a decent treatment to the canines. However, far from collaborating threatened the staff via phone, as noted, have relationships and support of characters of great power in the Municipality of Oaxaca de Juárez.

Against this background, the people involved in this rescue issued the corresponding complaint before the Prosecutor General’s office of Oaxaca.

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