Rescue of a senior dog by the freeway could have gone horribly wrong!

Max could have ran in any direction he wanted, but he knew that the chance of dying that day was real! I am so grateful to Danhy Drago for texting me about this rescue, for finding the exact location (it wasn't simple), and for joining me on this mission. It was cute to see a text reading "If anyone can rescue this dog, that's you" 😊 It was cool to have other neighbors join the effort at the end! Lately the whole #HopeForPaws team has spent quite a lot of time in sewers and storm drains… i'm not sure what's up with that. The previous video I posted was also in the sewer: and another recent one with Loreta:
and another one with JoAnn:

and one with Terri from Foxy and the Hounds: I hope you will enjoy all of them 🙂 Please do me a favor, call your vet and make sure the information on your pet's microchip is current (address, phone numbers, emails, etc). Trust me, you don't want to scramble and figure it out should an emergency come up. Being prepared is the best! Eldad #DogRescue #SewerRescue ASOCIACIÓN CANINA ESTEPONA ANIMAL SHELTER ESTEPONA

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