Rescues an animal and fill your life of joy –

Get home and find a puppy happy to see you, or a kitten who will purr, you can change your day. And the best news is that you don’t have to buy one, adoption can open the doors to a world of love. Rescue a pet, either a puppy or cat, not only changes the life of the animal rescued, if not yours.

They say that “dog is man’s best friend”, perhaps this is the reason why many people enjoy the company and love that you give furry. The dogs, being domestic animals, faithful, able to offer love and identify its owner, they have taken the heart of many no matter their size, color or fur. Despite their displays of affection, there are so many stray folk in the street who need a family!

When an animal, dog or cat, you don’t have a home is exposed to feel cold, malnutrition and other factors that affect their well-being. Why not help them get a shelter?

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Here are the reasons why a dog or cat should not live in the streets, parks or enclosures abandoned:

The veterinary Nancy Avila, teacher of the Faculty of Veterinary Science of The University of Zulia, he explained to Pitoquito, via telephone, as the vicissitudes faced by these animals in the street also affect your environment:

  • Malnutrition. They eat what they get, without strengthening your body with nutritious foods.
  • Pollution. Break up the bags of garbage; this affects the healthiness of the communities and exposes them to diseases.
  • Sources of contagion. The cats and dogs that inhabit the streets, are prone to infections, and spread it to other animals.
  • Canine rabies. The dogs in poor conditions come to produce rabies in dogs, a condition that can be transmitted to a person through a bite.

An animal without a home, it is a life of helpless,” said the specialist who has 22 years of experience.

The expert on animals confirmed that it is “important to foster in the population a culture of adopting animals,” and he urged reflection: “dogs and cats are not a fashion. The love includes to any breed of dog, and great to have a mixed breed dog street is that it adapts to any space”.

In their arguments, Avila recognized the importance of organizations that provide protection and care to the animals: “the house of support animal rescue dogs and cats of any breed. They help to controlling the proliferation of animals in the street.”

Rescues an animal and fill your life of joy - 2

In Maracaibo, the Association works for the Defense and Protection of animals (ASODEPA), a non-profit organization that works in the protection of animals and defend their right to a life without abuse.

It opens your heart, and adopt a furry!

“We invite people to give you the warmth of home to dogs and cats,” said Patricia Arno, coordinator of logistics ASODEPA, who also, in an interview with Pitoquito, listed the steps to follow to rescue a furry:

  1. Grab the little animal, foreseeing that you will not make any damage.
  2. Give him / her water and food.
  3. Take him to the vet, he will tell you the daily care, vaccination and sterilization.
  4. Decide if you are going to adopt or give in adoption the small.

The representative of the association added that in case of wanting to put up for adoption at the canine, you can contact them through their social networks @asodepaadopciones on Instagram. They will help you to disseminate the information and to find a shelter puppy or kitten. To know on their journeys of veterinary services and spaying at low prices, visit their website

Arno closed the step-by-step prompting to awareness and love for animals: “They have rights too and you have to take care of them. Pets not only need food and water, take time to educate them, to help them in their recreation and exercise. As their guardians we must be aware of sterilization and visit the vet at least once a year”.

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