Respect to the associations of protective animals, but there is that … – The Option

Chihuahua.- Then last Thursday, the associations of protective of animals submitted to the congress of the state a complaint against the mayor, for allowing bullfights Maru Fields answers must govern for them as well as for those who are attending the plaza de toros.

«To amend the act on animal protection, congress should amend the law, but also require people who support bullfighting, as a ruler I must do it to all, although respect and I admire your cause,» said the mayor.

It should be mentioned last Thursday, the civil association Chihuahua without violence, presented before the congress of the state a complaint against the mayor Maru Fields provided; when Maru was deputy promised them I would work in relation to the bull and last Friday, march 31, was held in the plaza de toros, a bullfight with the permission of the city council.

To end the mayor reiterated it is something that is the responsibility of the legislative, by which he exposed the groups and organizations to whom she respects want to ban in the city and across the state as they have provided other states of the republic has to be a long process.

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