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by: Uniradio News – 30 September 2017, 05:02 pm

By Monica Miranda

Hermosillo.- The fire Miriam Yolanda Alvarez has the project to return to the Canine Unit of Rescue in Hermosillo and already has puppies, to train them in the search and rescue of people.

In the Fire Department three years ago that disappeared this unit, he said.

«A year ago we started to work with the Board State Fire marshal and the State Association of Fire fighters, the issue is to re-do dogs search and rescue of different disciplines, a year ago, we already began to work with these dogs puppies», he said.

Picks up Fire unit canine rescue in Hermosillo - Uniradio - Uniradio Informa 1

The unit of dogs that had previously talked to, was composed of six dogs, three of them died, two more were lost, and the last was euthanized because it was suffering from cancer.

So soon, he shared, taking care of six puppies from eight months to one year of age of various breeds such as belgian shepherd, golden retriever, labrador and mixed.

«We’re making it a habit to walk in water, sand, gravel, and different soils, and in living with more dogs even though they are not of the same discipline and to learn to live with the same human beings, because in the end, if any of them show any situation of aggression, take them out of the program,» he explained.

Picks up Fire unit canine rescue in Hermosillo - Uniradio - Uniradio Informa 2

The goal is that the dogs are trained for rescuing people in earthquakes, he said, and to collaborate in other states of the Republic.

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