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In the year 2015 César Bona was selected as one of the 50 best teachers in the world according to the Global Teacher Prize and, since then, began to disseminate their conceptions and practices in relation to education. In this book he offers his experience as a teacher of children and adolescents from two premises: schools must educate people who are respectful, empathetic and tolerant; and, the schools should not be conceived as a closed space, but it is necessary that there is a fluid interaction with the society. Bona proposes to generate classes that become a “place of global learning” through a series of methodologies that position the student as a subject unique, creative, and sensitive. Carried forward projects such as the creation of a silent film, the formation of The Fourth Snout -a humane and directed by children– made a documentary ethnographic, in which participated all the members of a community of Zaragoza, among many other projects that relates and that give account of a method anchored in the contexts, needs and desires of the students.

The pages of this text are crossed by a deep enthusiasm and a look that explores the challenges that are presented to the teachers day-to-day. However, conceives of the work of the educator from the vocation, and to neglect the political and institutional aspects involved in the whole process of learning. In this sense, it problematizes the deep issues of education and leaves left to the creativity of the teacher the construction of generations of critical tools with which to “face life”. The new education must be read as a story of personal experiences of a teacher committed that evidence the need of further discussion on what, how and for what to educate.


María José Daona

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