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Truly traumatic and difficult it is for the human being, in the individual and in the collective to adapt to changes in a combination that is present in your everyday environment, breaking the mental patterns and behavioral in that forged its existence from the beginning of its life, or, being already aware, participated in the contagion of the excitement, a collective of the community.
This is why the veracruz traditionally cheerful and bullangueros we experience an acidic environment, and of a bitter, frustrating, and harmful, by so much the norm that almost forbid us to laugh at ourselves and with so many criminal acts that we freeze and we manhattan condemning ourselves to live in sadness.
In the year 2010 to complete its term, the Governor of that time, mr. Fidel Herrera Beltrán, echoing the hypocrisy ecologists gave the Law of Animal Protection for the State of Veracruz.
Law undoubtedly has a high sense of humanism, because it fundamentally seeks to ensure that the animals are treated with dignity and grant them health, food and enjoy of good treatment and avoiding the brutality and sadism, as well as prevent the human being to cause pain or suffering to the detriment of animal welfare, endanger your life or affect your health, as well as the over-exploitation of their work.
The above-mentioned Governor signed into law on August 23, the regulations of this law, but its mandate was not to be heard of the persecution of the neighbours or of the organizers of shows with animals, is laudable in the spirit of the law, but this for a long time was not applicable, or protective of all animals. “La Candelaria” reached its maximum splendour, and the reservoir of the bulls, traditional was spectacular for good cheer and rejoicing of the population. The heifers ran desforadas through the streets of Teocelo, trying to empitonar to the improvised mozalbetes with cares of torerillos and there was no one who dared to give them a pinch even. On YouTube there are enough videos to illustrate my said.
Mexico was not the exception, and the 22nd of July, the Lady Mary Magdalene, dressed in their finest to see his people full of taste, measure out your value in front of brave bulls that ran burning through the streets to the public encouraged them with shouts provocative to be attacked and run full of awesomeness to hide under where he was to lack of platforms. While, they were cheered by thousands of tourists. In all the videos consists that here all the time it is the bull who has the advantage, on intrepid, fearless, risky and brave men and women, all care for the bulls, primarily the committee, in order that all the people concerned about preserving and living the tradition, isn’t it Manuel?
Bullfighting now intends to prohibit is an activity protected by the Act that originally set:
Article 2. Are the object of protection of this Law, all animals are either permanently or temporarily within the territory of the State.
Are excluded from the application of the present Law, the shows of bullfighting, circuses, fights of roosters, sites-range, Farms, Hunting, Units of Environmental Management (UMAS), and other allowed by Law, which shall be subject to the provisions of the Laws, Regulations and other legal systems applicable to the subject matter.
Javier Duarte, the former Governor defector passed a series of reforms on the 10th day of November, in the year 2016 and in regards to the topic that we are interested in the aforementioned article, stay of the following way:
Article 2. Are the object of protection of this Law, all animals are either permanently or temporarily within the territory of the State. (REFURBISHED, SECOND PARAGRAPH; G. O. NOVEMBER 10, 2016).
Are excluded from the application of the present Law, the shows of bullfighting, sites jackets, horse racing, activities related to the sport of rodeo, rodeos, Farms, Hunting, Units of Environmental Management (UMAS), and other allowed by Law, which shall be subject to the provisions of the Laws, Regulations and other legal systems applicable to the subject matter.
That is to say that the art of dealing with bulls or fight (as defined by the Spanish Royal Academy) is not included in the catalog protective of the species. Unless we want to understand the word as the art of bullfighting, or that the liguemos necessarily a square, (the streets) a judge of the plaza, a souk or tunnel, a platform, suit of lights, pigtail, hat, balerinas and anklets, swords, banderillas, rejoneador, a horse, a lancet or stabbing and the killing of the bull at the end, with the consequent short ears or tail as a trophy and since then the signs of art. This is a bullfight, and nothing more.
As can be observed, the reform included the prohibition of cock-fighting. With all the malignancy of a ruler insensitive to the realities of this sector and of this activity, which is an important source of wealth is clean.
I like to think that the issue of cockfighting is a power shared by the Federation and the State, since by reviewing the Federal Law of Games and Sweepstakes this omits in regard to cockfighting, but its Regulation addresses the issue on several occasions and dedicated a special chapter to this show, in which, the grant of permits does not impose as a requirement for granting the assent or of the State or the Municipality. Begins by positioning in its fraction III cockfighting.
Title First.- Chapter 1.-ARTICLE 3.- For the purposes of this Regulation, hereinafter referred to shall be understood by: I. VII. Live entertainment: Activities conducted at racetracks, galgódromos, pediments, horse racing in scenarios temporary, cockfights and fairs that have existing permit granted by the Secretariat for the crossing of bets, then in the SECOND TITLE.- OF THE PERMISSIONS, it dictates the general CHAPTER I. – COMMON PROVISIONS.- ARTICLE 20.- The Secretariat may grant permission to celebrate the games with bets and drawings referred to in the Law and this Regulation to the applicants according to the following: I.; III. For the opening and operation of the crossing of betting on horse racing in scenarios of temporary and cockfighting, to mercantile corporations that are duly constituted under the laws of the united Mexican States and to individuals, and already in Chapter III.-SECTION III.- It deals directly with THE cockfighting ARTICLE 70.- The Secretariat may grant permission to operate the crossover of bets in cockfighting, when the applicant meets the requirements set out in Chapter I of Title Second of this Regulation, as well as the following: I. to Present the program of fighting that is intended to celebrate, and II. Indicate the name and identity of the persons who will serve as judges during the celebration of the fights of roosters and sets rules of a general character that tend to the professionalization and formality of those who are engaged in this branch.
But let us return to the bullfighting and do not restrict to fields so narrow in its interpretation as the simple running of the bulls, especially when this is the national holiday of Spain that in their regions has a different face, that includes the Fights, loose baquillas and cuatreños, which are among a crowd wild. The running of the Bulls, consist of running in front of a herd of bulls, heifers or steers. Generally, the best runners try to run as close as possible to the bulls, but without touching them. The Bullfighting Comic or charlotadas, gender, bullfighting is very popular. Which consists in the introduction of numbers circus of clowns while they’re steers or heifers. Usually involved clowns, bullfighters, who perform cuts in the form of comic and parody the fight or pretend to hinder a bullfighter seriously. (Cantinflas)
Parties are held in honor of San Marcos, in Santa Lucia, with the bull «ensogado» (tied with string) as the protagonist, The Feasts of the bull enmaromado in Benavente, Zamora, held the day before the corpus, where the young men run to cling to a long rope fastened to the horns of the bull. In order to that in other regions there is the toro embolado (Valencia). The Bull Round in Aragon. In Galicia are released oxen to remember jewish traditions, this is all part of the art of bullfighting, on the particular amply illustrates and details the free encyclopedia Wikipedia.
So Bullfighting is not just the art lights and arenas, is everything that has to do with the bulls and if it is not understood as well, perhaps Mexico whole under the patronage and protection of the celebrated Mary Magdalene that you have set, costumes, lights, dressing of stinging, Banderilleros, Valet of swords. Alguacilillos. Monosabios: Lads that help the chopper in the plaza. Sandboxes: Lads in charge of keeping conditioned the sand of the arena during the fight and good rejón that there are superfluous.
What did Duarte de Ochoa was to exclude from your cited reform of November 10, the cockfights that in the northern part of the State represent a whole tradition for the quality and quantity of birds of combat that are raised and take the cockfight arenas and fairs throughout the republic and fighting in itself, constitute a cultural background for the topas and fights it measures the quality of the various classes, and crosses to the birds of combat.
By the way, the great family gallera of the region of Tantoyuca-Tempoal, composed by breeders, judges, dockers, soltadores and runners, will travel in commission of the City of Xalapa, led by Don Adam Guerrero who was elected by a restless crowd on the 5th day of April, at a meeting held in the Palenque of the Fair.
The is the voice of hundreds of families who will pray for the protection of our ruler Miguel Angel Yunes for protection against prohibitions and persecutions infructíferas that remain in tension and despair, this production activity of the first order.
Finally, I think of vital importance in the scheme of public policy of our Governor is to analyze in depth these shows capital for the survival of a broad constituency throughout the territory, but also economic, must be considered of the things in our culture that give us joy and that fun is part of the very existence of the human being. It is just as important as to live, think, work, recess is so important that the lord himself what I believe in creation and gave us the woman and every one of the beings I place it in his place. It’s not about the extermination of these animals, on the contrary it is procrearlos in abundance, to ban it, is your extermination. The interpretation of the Law gives the authority the right tools to restore to us the joy and arrancarnos of the consternation and grief temporary afflict us by the absence of this kind of entertainment. The peoples and inhabitants of Veracruz, thank you for your generous will.
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