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Xalapa, Ver.- The local Congress approved with 25 votes in favour, 15 against, and 10 absences, adjustments to the State Law of Animal Protection which validate the performance of bullfighting, bullfights, cockfights and horse races, which were banned by the previous legislature to the consideration of the government of Javier Duarte de Ochoa.

Now with Miguel Angel Yunes Linares to the front of the body, the base of the PAN, in a voice of deputy Daniel Olmos, got amendments to the act to validate these activities criticized by organizations that protect animals and citizens who believe that such events attract violence.

The adequacy of the State Law on Animal Protection was as follows: “excluded from the application of the present Law, the shows of bullfighting, and capes of bulls, steers and heifers, casteo bird of combat, sites jackets, horse racing, activities related to the sport of rodeo, rodeos, farms, hunting, Units of Environmental Management (UMAS), and other allowed by Law, which shall be subject to the provisions of the Laws, Regulations and other legal systems applicable to the subject matter”.

The passage of such a law was made with the assistance of supporters of cock fights and acts of horsemanship, but also of citizens and groups against animal abuse.

Prior to the vote, the deputy of the BREAD, Rodrigo García Escalante -exlegislador of the PVEM – criticized the fact that there are people that are against cockfighting, but “love” to promote actions progressive as abortion.

“I want to ask those who are against legalizing cock fights, but to please a woman can go to abort and kill children, how can you replace as many sources of employment that the gallística generated?”, whipped up.

At the end of the vote, Daniel Olmos, and Rodrigo Garcia celebrated with his supporters in the courtyard of the Local Congress.

With the absence on the ballot of legislators of the BREAD –that came out of the enclosure at the time of the controversial vote – and two votes against it-of the pan Maryjose Gamboa and Juan Manuel de Unanue-, Elms, and Garcia had to take the hand of a strategic alliance with legislators from the PRI and of the New Covenant. The bed of Brown also decided to vote against such a law.

In June 2016, as the governor-elect, Miguel Angel Yunes Linares signed a letter-commitment to animal protection. Accompanied by his dog “Toto”, the contractor the state had committed itself in the letter to respect in its entirety the State Law of Animal Protection.

His son, the mayor-elect of Veracruz, a Fernando Yunes, also validated that commitment during the campaign 2017 in the local election.

Today, in social networks, activists, and defenders of animals reproached the BREAD and to the representative state does not respect its integrity such law, to the return to allow the cockfights and the activities of tauromachy.

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