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Until now, the comedian Ricky Gervais had always ensured that, at the time that he was passing to a better life, his entire estate would go to various associations and Ngos dedicated to the animals, leaving is expected to more than one with a bad taste in the mouth.

For that same reason, the screenwriter and director-who has for 16 years a stable relationship with Jane Fallon, and has made it very clear that none of the two you are interested in having children – has now changed of plan, announcing that he would donate all his money in life to ‘enjoy’ the anger that their decision to generate in family members and acquaintances that wait to be done with a piece of your empire, or those who consider that you should devote the proceeds of a whole life to help other people, and not to animals.

«I had decided to leave my fortune to charitable organizations by and for animals when I die, but I have decided to do just before they die, to be able to see all the outrage and the complaints,» said the creator of the series ‘The Office’ through your Twitter profile.

Although the british is much given to playing practical jokes in public, his track record as a strong defender of the rights of the animal kingdom leads to think without fear of making a mistake, that this time is talking -or tweeting – very seriously.

Firm detractor of the traditional fox hunting or bullfighting, his work with various organizations earned him the title of Person of the Year awarded by PETA in 2013, and in 2008 he wrote a public letter to then-British Prime Minister Gordon Brown asking him -without success – that the traditional hats made of bear fur that look even today the soldiers of the British Guards were replaced by other synthetic material.

The comedian tries to use his fame whenever you can in favor of a good cause, especially if it has something to do with animals. Two years ago already donated an acoustic guitar signed by him for a charity auction whose revenue was intended to finance a sanctuary in Ontario (Canada) that is home to primates rescued from zoos, universities, research projects or individuals, and in 2013, it disbursed us $ 1,000 for a cake in the shape of a bear, a tibetan-helping to get money to the association Animal Asia, which seeks to eliminate animal cruelty.

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