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15 days of the earthquake of magnitude 7.1 occurred in Mexico City, civil society and associations of protective animals collect keys in order to erect a monument to the nearly 40 dogs that were able to the rescue of human beings.

The Organizing Committee reported that the monument could be placed in the Southern Alameda, in memory of the children who died in the School Enrique Rébsamen.

Only six dogs rescue workers of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) were responsible for carrying out 10 assists in 72 hours after the earthquake of September 19 of this year.

These beings were in the rescue of students of Colegio Enrique Rébsamen, in addition to in the real estate collapsed Viaduct, Saratoga, Bolivar and Chimalpopoca, as well as in the colony Lindavista, to mention a few places where the dogs gave their support.

The purpose of this collection of keys, in addition to honoring the work of these canines, is to raise awareness about animal abuse towards dogs, besides being pets showed that they are a help very important to the emergency situations, one of the reasons why you should not be abuse.

To erect the monument are collecting keys in all the states of the Republic and the so-called that is done to most people is that they continue donating in order to achieve the objective.

The activists driving this initiative will create a fan page so that people know the sites where you can deposit the keys, in addition to disseminating the details of who made the sculpture.

“There are a lot of people that have keys without use and the sculptures use the metal of these wrenches and what better way to engage them to recognize the dogs that they even give his life for rescue of a human being”, noted the organizers Alma and Ruth Cherry.

In a tub of blue as there are lot of keys of all shapes and sizes to make the monument to the dog rescuers 19-S.

“This earthquake taught us the union, solidarity and recognize the animals, that they are able to teach love and fidelity”, they stressed.

Got to know that there are several designs on how would be the statues, although it will depend on the amount of keys that were collected.

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