Rosary: Build cuchas public to 30,000 dogs … – InfoBrisas (press Release)

Friday, August 25, 2017 – 10:27 pm.

The Municipal Council of Rosario has approved a project for the implementation of cuchas public for some 30,000 dogs community, a need that was raised by the Association of Civil Protective of this city in the south of Santa Fe.

The initiative called Heardit Mine», which was promoted by the council member and veterinarian rosario, Carlos Cossia, (Block Peronism Solidarity), provides for the creation of shelters sponsoreados and thermal, which will be installed in parks, squares and corners of the city.

The mayor pushed for the project after echo the need expressed by the Association of Civil Protective of Rosario, to provide shelter to numerous abandoned animals that, according to estimates, around 30 thousand animals.

According to different surveys conducted Radio Brisas, both in the wards of the party of General Pueyrredon as with professionals and volunteers who work with dogs in situation of the streets, the situation is similar to that of the city of Rosario. The difference lies in the fact that no management of the past governments took measures in this respect and the number of animals on the street never stopped growing.

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