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Councilmember radical Pauline Rossi, along with associations of protective animals, they will carry out a campaign of responsible pet ownership. In addition, will provide the opportunity to the neighbors ‘to be owners responsible’ for a certain time.

Rossi will take forward a novel campaign - The Southern 1
Rossi will take forward a novel campaign - The Southern 2

RIO GRANDE.- Council member Pauline Rossi announced that, together with the protective association of animals take you on a journey of awareness of pet ownership.

This activity will take place in the plaza Almirante Brown and then move to the other places that exist in this city.

“We will work with associations that are overflowing from animals with whom we will seek to give pets up for adoption,” said councilman Rossi.

One of the features that you will have this day of awareness and adoption is that each of these canes will be ready to be adopted but, if not, it will be to wait for the neighbors to be able to pasearlos, play with them and bring them back to the leaders of the association.

“We know that many people, for various reasons, cannot live with a pet so that we will have a special day with all those animals that have not gotten the owners”, noted the Mayor of the UCR, and added that “the slogan is to bring you up to the plaza Almirante Brown for that person you can’t have a pet, you can walk and play with the puppy since it is not good having them locked up all day.”

It should be noted that, at the time of walk the dogs, each neighbor will do so with the right belt, in addition, there will be stalls selling mini bags to collect the stool of the pet.

“This campaign will carry on by way of awareness for responsible pet ownership, and for that, for those people that may not have a pet, may have contact with an animal that has not been achieved the owner closed the council member Pauline Rossi.

Finally it is noted that the entirety of the animals that will be available, they are clean, vaccinated and dewormed.

Rossi will take forward a novel campaign - The Southern 3

Pauline Rossi and associations of protective animals will be carrying out an awareness campaign.

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