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In dialogue with the Mega 91.5 the leader said that he had spoken of 32 thousand dogs loose in the provincial capital what do I qualify as a folly to talk of that amount, “we would grab the dogs by the front, coming down from the forest to eat everything, it was crazy what they did”

Asked about whether there had been killing of dogs, Velez argued that “if there were one or two a day, or every other day appeared cases, but the solution is not killing, sterilizing, we have armed some packs isolated as the one that attacked a lady who was very serious, it will have consequences for life but by the activity of the same municipality”.

For the leader of ARAF policy of the municipality were “totally poor, they have to operate 2200 animal per year and the last year they made 615 operations, there are consequences, and it tough because they have budgets millionaires, after the attack on this woman changed area, and with the emergency and receive more funds but things are still not working, with more millions the policy of the state to remain neutral.”

“Not opera, not chipea, had ceased to deworm half of the year because they were desparacitarios, not tending to the phones, is denouncing mistreatment or a pack behind a bitch in heat, and neither.”

Roxana Velez is working on this issue since 1994, forming part of ARAF and commented, “they always took it up as a secondary theme, although noted, during the administration of Federico Sciurano as mayor between 2009 and 2011, the entity work is free to order them in zoonoses in order to demonstrate that things could be done, and in a period of 5 months we operated 1000 bitches, all ad honorem, was not increased by the plant, were 19 people at that time, are now 40 and do nothing.”

“it’s a shame, he added, but then they go out to tear the garments that the topic matters to them, but they are operettas, they put together as well, wonder who I call to TN and no one was in charge, or Bertotto, nor Vuoto, none of the two took up the charge and then denied it all. Note that Velez performed with TN in Ushuaia, it was not issued complete and according to the leader, “it was a campaign that was prepared, because at least they could have put the most important, but obviously it was all handled”.

Finally and asked about if this campaign aimed to return to Ushuaia, a city eutanásica, said that “it seems to me that you think that Bertotto came out here trying to put all this together with Vuoto, after also went out in Rio Grande the President of the Rural Association, which opened a window to try to keep killing. I think I want to go back to the past unfortunately, because after so many years, that let the municipalities do what they need to do, you can’t open a window to say that there is a need to kill at least seek an ethical solution, because if you’re going to fix this, tread to your home and devote yourself to something else, because there is a law that is the 680 where it is very clear that across the province do not kill animals,” he concluded.

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