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Asociación Rural: destacaron la sanción de la Ley de Control de Poblaciones Caninas impulsada por Rubinos

In the framework of the celebration of the 38th exhibition of the sector

Rural association: noted the sanction of the Law Control of Dog Population driven by Rubinos

This weekend, on the premises of The Black Sheep, is held the traditional Exhibition and Livestock Show, a Commercial, Industrial, and Craft of Tierra del Fuego. The legislator Oscar Rubinos took part in the inaugural ceremony on Saturday 11, where the president of the Rural Association, Lucila Apolinaire, conducted an evaluation of the achievements and challenges, and highlighting as of capital importance for this productive sector, the sanction during the year 2016 of the “Law of Control of Dog Population.”



n December of 2016 the legislator Rubinos promoted the sanction of the Law of Creation of the Program of Control of Dog Population in order to give the necessary tools to the Executive Power to contain the emergency socio-environmental in the Province due to the situation created by loose dogs and feral. The reasons which led to the sanction of the Law have their foundation in the study of the CADIC, CONICET) in the year 2015 where it is shown as loose dogs in the cities and feral in the rural area have an impact very negatively on the Public Health, the Economy, the productive development and local tourism.
The impact of the dog asilvestrado in productive activities, including animal production and traditional tourism. According to data of the association, in the last few years, they went from 600,000 heads of cattle sheep to less than 300,000.
In this regard, the Legislator Oscar Rubinos said “when we seek to improve the economy of the province we have to generate this type of actions to facilitate the production. This Law provides tools for the management of public services efficient in the control of dog populations and the control of these populations, in turn, is an element of important improvement for the productive sector in Rural areas. This productive sector is threatened and limited in its development capacity for the growth of the populations of runaway dogs that attack livestock, generating material losses and competitive.
The improvement in the rural sector and livestock production will be able to better position the activity generating jobs and making predictable the investments that are so necessary for the fueguinos”
In the elaboration of the draft Law participated with their input and address the CADIC CONICET, the Rural Society of Tierra del Fuego, the College of Veterinarians, the Protective Organization Friends of the Animal Kingdom tierra del fuego, the Ministry of Agriculture and the Secretary of Environment of the province.
Currently the Law Control of Dog Population needs to be regulated to be able to materialize an effective strategy in this regard as match the President Lucila Apolinaire and the Legislator Oscar Rubinos. The Legislator urge you to make the best regulation with a view to the urgent application: “waiting in the regulation of the Law continues to produce an impact on Production, Tourism, Biodiversity, the Health and Safety of the people. To be able to see it is necessary to observe the state of situation of the stray dogs in the City of Ushuaia.”
Finally Rubinos highlighted “When we set out in the electoral platform of the need to support the defense of the Law of Industrial Promotion and other actions of Promotion Provincial levels to strengthen the production, we refer to these legislative measures that generate an improvement of management of public services aimed at the control of dog populations and the generation of a field that facilitates and protects investment in the Rural Sector, Livestock and Tourism. Therefore, I am confident that the improvements in the Productive Sector Rural will help the economic development of the province.”

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