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The organization Angels Furry and Stay with Me are civil associations that are displayed in favor of humane euthanasia, which support the sacrifices to dogs, just in case the animal is ill or is a risk to society.

So got to know before the figure reported for 94 sacrifices canines in 2017 for part of the control canine and with respect to which the director of Public Services, Eduardo Vergara, clarified that in the first quarter of 2017 there were sacrifices due to the analysis of the legal reform in legislation of animals.

Angeles Flores, director of los Angeles Furry ACsaid that they are in agreement with the euthanasia canine responsible, which involves tranquilizers and that the dog does not suffer during the process. He pointed out that only accept this type of sacrifice when the dog is sick or shows a degree of aggressiveness that may involve a risk to society.

In los Angeles Furry is dedicated to promoting the adoption; with this, your director stated that for this reason do not sacrifice dogs nor accept animals that show hostility.

Have picked up dogs from the street that with the passage of time have been presented cancer, hip dislocation , or diseases that no longer would allow him to have a good life, only in those cases, they have opted for «dormirlos».

The organization is non-partisan, so do not know the status of the stay dog city, but it expects that all deaths there be as human as possible.

For his part, Enrique López, of the association Stay with Me, he mentioned that the euthanasias for him, it is a complicated process because it is also a veterinarian.

His love towards animals has made do not agree in all the cases of sacrifices, only considers viable the deaths that have disease is irreversible or that the dog suffers in such a way that there is no solution and explained that the most common cases in where they practice euthanasia are disease and old age.

As a veterinarian, Enrique López has had to practice this method but, he said, cost him to do so, because sometimes vets opt for the death of an animal as it involves money and time.

Before this, he pointed out the importance of always having contact with an ethologist, because they work with the behavior of animals from the source and processing.

To Stay with Me it is not necessary to sacrifice a dog aggressive, because as a human you’re behaviors can arise for many reasons and thanks to the specialist can be reversed.

Until the ethologist performed a test and was able to determine that the dog is dangerous to humans, it may proceed to its death.

He stressed that it is a difficult topic because it is attached to the emotions that are acquired by being in contact with a dog, but always gives priority to the human life.

Finally, he said that the only diseases that would apply the death is cancer, kidney failure and trampling; even, highlighted or distemper would accept a euthanasia to 100 percent, because in some dogs the virus can be treated.

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