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Players of Colo Colo of Chile jumped to the ground game with puppies in their arms and adult dogs with straps, to promote a campaign for pet adoption.

The above happened prior to the party that the Cacique said to the Antofagasa, in the League of Chile. This was an initiative of the Union of Friends of the Animals of Santiago, an entity with which the Colo-Colo signed a partnership to advertise the adoption and prevent people buy their pets.

Some players came out for the ceremony ceremonial with cubs loaded in arms, while others, such as the former player of Roosters of Queretaro Were Walls, went out, accompanied by dogs largest tethered to a run.

Photo: Taken from Facebook

The agreement that the Colo Colo has with the NGOS for the protection of animals involves the participation of the players in the campus in different activities, the facilitation of infrastructure of the club and the donation of prizes and resources for the welfare and protection of animals.

Jorge Valdivia and the exarquero of Mouth and Racing, Agustin Orion, were the only players who refused to leave the pitch with a dog in their hands.

The match ended with a draw 0-0.

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