To save the life of a dog will be in the hands of the APA The Morning … – The Morning of Nuevo Laredo

Will be in the hands of the associations of protective animals to save the lives of dogs and cats that are healthy, the rest of the animals will be sacrificed, declared Oscar Gerardo Gonzalez Arrambide, chief of the Health Jurisdiction number 5.

In this aspect, detailed will be slaughtered all the animals that are aggressive, that have been attacked once or twice, sick, politramautizados, in the terminal phase (without cure) and those that are not claimed in a certain time by their owners.

Indicated that around 60 dogs are delivered by city employees to the Center anti-rabies, and of these, between 10 and 20 percent will go to protection.

“We had a meeting with the Municipality and the protectors of animals, we came to this agreement, that the dogs and cats that are handed over to the anti-rabies, you can only save those who are completely healthy, we are talking about that week you can save between 10 and 20 dogs, plus cats,” he began.

The Municipality will remain responsible of the catch of these animals, delivered to the Center anti-rabies, and once or twice a week, the veterinarians of the protective will review them and take those that are healthy.

“The sacrifice of animals is prohibited, so we came to an agreement with the protective, now that the animals that the APA does not want and that are not claimed we have to sacrifice them,” he said.

In this aspect, he said that it will work in adherence to the Law of Animal Protection for the State of Tamaulipas in its articles 27 and 28, and the rules and Regulations for the Prevention and Control of Zoonoses transmitted by dogs and cats.

Animal shelter, no space

No space for more dogs is the shelter of the Association for the protection of Animals (APA), and is that with the new order of sacrifices issued by the government of the State, will be the bodies for the animals who take on the responsibility of those who will not be sacrificed.

“We’re at a disadvantage because the shelter is super full, and obviously we’re going to need more help and support with food and cleaning material, because now you are going to have more animals, and we will be saturated of puppies,” said María Jiménez, president of APA.

Currently, the shelter pet account with 423 animals, of which 315 are dogs, and 105 are felines.

Per week approximately 50 dogs are abandoned.

This figure would increase to 70 dogs per week with the channeling of animals that were captured by the Center for anti-rabies.

With the increase in dogs, the association will be affected with the budget they manage, since for each animal spent hundreds of pesos per month.

“They are between 600 and 700 pesos per month for each dog, money that is spent between food, vaccinations, and hygiene care,” said the president of APA.

In accordance with the monthly budget of the shelter of the APA, in the total of the pets in the shelter spent more than 189 thousand pesos.

“Staff of the APA will be to collect dogs and cats that are not going to sacrifice and we will also verify that the sacrifice was given in creatures that actually are in the terminal phase and to see that they are to be slaughtered with abuse,” added Jimenez.

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