Santa Cruz: Two laboratories analyzed meat of dubious origin –

Related note: they Denounce the alleged sale of dog meat in a frial

The neighbors complained to the Mayor that it is dog meat; however, the municipal authorities are asked not to draw conclusions before knowing the studies.

Caused a stir the possibility that you were selling dog meat in a frial of the market area Wells, of the property of asian citizens. The neighbors were also alarmed to see the shape of the pieces of meat exposed in a glass display case refrigerated, so they called the Mayor to proceed to confiscate the suspect product.

Specialized officers of the municipal laboratory of food safety were present in the frial to collect samples, to analyze them in two laboratories, one of them at the Autonomous University Gabriel René Moreno (Uagrm).

The secretary of Supplies and Services of the office of the Mayor, Fernando Antelo, called for calm to the population and the media not to prejudge until we know the results of what kind of meat it is, because the owners of the frial argue that it is flesh of goat.

Antelo revealed that you should also see if the meat has a safety seal from a slaughterhouse or from Senasag, it can be a penalty part of the Legal Department of the municipality.

Sandro Fernandez, from the Society for the protection of Animals and the Environment (Soprama), said that one must first be sure of the allegation, but if true would be an unusual situation for being exposed in a frial.

Confirmation of the complaint of the neighbors also it would be a biocidio where they need to intervene in the Prosecutor’s office, the health authorities, the commune and Soprama.

The defender of the animals remembered that culturally, dogs are not eaten in our society because they are considered part of the family, and because in the country there are nurseries that specialize in this type of meat.

Source: Red One, The Duty

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