«Save the Pike», the campaign to not carnéen a calf – Journal of The Province SJ

The last February 3, a truck overturned in the city of Merlo in Buenos Aires. The shot was loaded calves that were killed by the neighbours and then sell the meat in the butcher’s shops of the area. However, not all the animals suffered the same fate. One managed to save himself and a group of activists for animal rights have launched a campaign to prevent suffer the same end.

«Save Lucio», is called the campaign launched by the group Voicot that he was, in addition, the charge of «baptized» with that name the calf. The animal is now located on a farm and the owner wants to return to its real owner but the request for help of the activists have already arrived as a request for Change and collected signatures throughout the country.

«Let’s not let Pike continue there, or to return to the field cosificó to him and all the other animals that did not have the possibility to be free, as now the has Pike,» adds the posting.

The goal of the organization for the protection of animals is that Pike be moved to the Sanctuary in Equity.

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