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The urgency of bringing food to animals affected by the storm Nate is growing, reason for which, the National Service of Animal Health (Senasa) redoubled efforts this Monday and requested support to citizens and businesses.

In total, about 100,000 animals in need of sustenance. Of these, about 85,000 are horses, pigs, cows, bulls, and birds; the rest of the victims (15.000) corresponds to dogs and cats.

In addition to food for pets, is in need of bales of hay, concentrate and molasses in powder.On Sunday, Bernardo Jaen, the director of Senasa, said to The Nation that urged the support from all sides possible, because the donations were not being effective.

This Monday, the bank reaffirmed its rush to have reinforcements that allow you to see the animals that were in a condition of vulnerability in the aftermath of the storm.

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Bring your donation

Those interested in joining this crusade can leave their collaboration in the central offices of Senasa, in Lagunilla de Heredia, 1.5 km to the west of the Gardens of Remembrance and 300 to the north of the University Campus Benjamín Núñez.

The hours are from 7:30 to. m. to 3:30 p. m., from Monday to Friday.

You can also approach the regional offices of this entity, present in the 81 cantons of the country.

The schedule of these is available from 7:30 to. m. to 4 p. m., also from Monday to Friday.

You can check in this link the map of locations or check the following image:

Contacts of the headquarters of Senasa nationwide. (Senasa to LN)

Another option is to leave the contributions in the local committees of the Red Cross, because from there it is sent donations to Senasa.

Reinforcement to the cross

In attention to the call of Senasa, the 14 groups that are part of the National Commission of Animal Welfare (Conaba) joined the campaign of collection of food.

This is one of the following groups: costa Rican Association of Defense Animal (Layers), the National Association for the protection of Animals (ANPA), Association Animals, Assisi Foundation Fogaus, Humane Society International-Latin america (HSI -), Promoter of Animal Welfare (PBA), an organization Courageous for Always, Carthage by the animal welfare, the costa Rican Association Pro Animal Welfare (Acoproba), Association for the animal rescue of Puntarenas (Aprap), Association Adóptame (Liberia), Saving Lives (Lemon), Humanitarian association for the Protection of animals (AHPPA) and the Association of costa Rican Animal Rescue (Acara).

Starting this Monday, six of these institutions receive in their facilities food for dogs and cats, specifically, since that is its scope of action. *See list of contacts at the end of this note.

Also, all the groups support to Senasa with human resource in the areas affected by Nate, in many of which the staff of the government entity is scarce.

«This morning (Monday), the coordinator of Conaba on the part of Senasa sent us a message by WhatsApp, telling us that they were very concerned because they only had picked up two bags of food in the early hours of the day,» said Marian Ortega, a member of Conaba.

In total, in the country there are around 200 associations working in the interest of animal welfare (dogs and cats). However, the 14 in question are those that form part of the commission and, therefore, work hand in hand with Senasa.

Conaba was conceived at the beginning of the current presidential administration, in 2014, in order to execute a national development plan focused on improving the quality of life of the animals of company of the country.

Members of the Municipal Police of Santa Cruz de Guanacaste provide its assistance to Senasa delivering food in the communities. (Senasa to LN)

*More places to donate

If what is going to bring is food for dogs and cats, in addition to the headquarters of Senasa and of the Red Cross, you can do so at these locations:


Sabanilla de Montes de Oca, 300 meters to the west of the Christ, diagonal to the Seminary of San Augustin, home of the green gate. Tel: 4000-2672.

Foundation Fogaus:

-San José. 5 kilometers to the northwest of San Pedro de Coronado, calle Achocó. Tel: 2292-7121.

Humane Society International-Latin america (HSI -):

-Barrio Escalante, from the church of Santa Teresita, 100 meters east and 100 north, house #951. Tel: 2233-0303.


-Home Canadian Puntarenas: 500 meters east of Hospital Monseñor Sanabria.

Adóptame Liberia:

-Trade The Tub of Zeus: 10 meters north of Pizza Andean. Phone 2665-8169.

-Bahia»s Boutique, Liberia south. Of the southwest corner of Central park, 25 metres to the south. Phone 2665-0328.

-The field trade fair of the Chamber of cattle Farmers of Guanacaste. From the main entrance of Liberia (crossing lights), a kilometre to the west.

Association Saving the Lives of a Lemon:

-Lemon center, ward St Hedwig, 75 meters to the southwest of the Bar Earthsea. Tel 8705-9535.

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