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It prepares a population-based study of pet - The Journal of Madryn 1The Municipality of Puerto Madryn has been working a long time ago along with the Association for the protection of Animals (A. P. A. M.), with the advice of the Ngo Network, in an improvement plan that aims to reduce the overpopulation of dogs and cats. In this framework, in the day of yesterday, the mayor Ricardo Sastre received to Claudio Ielpi, a representative in Chubut, the National Program for the Responsible Tenure and Health of Dogs and Cats from the Ministry of Health of the Nation,in which were analyzed the main aspects of the study of population of canines that develops in the different neighborhoods of the city.
“This work is part of the actions that we have been carrying out through the area of Government, aimed at the surveying and control of pets. For this reason, also we completed a mass care free. So, during the weekend, there were vaccinations, is spayed to more than 200 animals and offered training courses for veterinary specialists in surgical techniques abbreviated. In addition to the excellent predisposition of the professionals teams city, it is important to remark the permanent articulation with the APAM”, expressed the Head Community.

Survey population

In the meeting, which counted with the presence of Harry Woodley, assistant secretary of Government of the Municipality of Puerto Madryn, and councilman Claudio Tortoriello, Ricardo Sastre noted the survey population that takes place in the city through the National Program of Responsible ownership and Health of Dogs and Cats, under the Ministry of Health of the Nation. In terms of methodology, explained that “after splitting the town in the existing neighborhoods, by using a statistical formula, we determine the number of apples to examine”. Are of random selection and proceed to the count of pets in the public right of way in a given time and in two periods of the day, for example, in the morning and the afternoon. Subsequently, the number of dogs and cats arises from the study of the data obtained and remitted to the Department of Statistics.
In connection with this, the Mayor said: “Having this information is essential, given that the results will allow us to continue designing various intervention strategies, and awareness raising in different sectors”. It also highlighted the excellent predisposition of those who make up the team of Veterinary and Zoonotic diseases as well as the Direction of Neighborhood Boards and the permanent articulation with the APAM. Thus, it was possible to carry out the First Training sessions for Veterinary surgeons on ‘Surgical Techniques Abbreviated’, an instance of intensive training in sterilization surgical canine and feline the 8, 9 and 10 September. It should be noted that, during the planning of such activity, the advice of NGO’s Network of Santa Fe.
During the past weekend were 231 animals castrated and 12 veterinarians trained in both Puerto Madryn as Trelew, Rada Tilly, Sarmiento, Comodoro Rivadavia and Villa La Angostura. The dictation was in charge of the veterinary doctor Carlos Baamonde, who is director of the Public Service of Health Animal of the Zoonosis Vicente López, next to Bernardo Dagand from the same locality.
This is in addition to the “First Days of Training in Programs of Control of Overpopulation of Urban Fauna”, held on 2 and 3 June, and was attended by public officials, legislators, volunteers, and neighbors committed to the theme.
In addition to avoiding the reproduction of animals, castration stabilizes the health and character, forms a barrier zoonotic, which prevents the spread of disease, prevents the arrival of new specimens to the place and invites the community to continue participating with the aim of not to be born more animals than homes available.

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