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We’re going to find a good home to recover and what you have left of life is to be nice to her and try to forget this,” said Guadalupe Nelly Wells Band, protective independent of animals.

The woman was holding in her lap to Barbie, a young creole from five years of age, who survived the death of its owner and of 10 dogs, poisoned with carbon monoxide in a room of colonia Benito Juarez, in Tultitlan.

On February 23, elements of Civil Protection and Firefighters of Tultitlan came to an emergency in the aforementioned community, where a man locked himself in a room with their 11 dogs, and ignited charcoal in a tray.

The site came Erick Quiroz, coordinator of Civil Protection of Tultitlan, and Alberto Hernandez, coordinator of training of the corporation, who entered the room and realized that the man had no vital signs, like 10 dogs, but the dog he was still breathing, though unconscious.

“That is why we are also,” said Erick Quiroz, who alongside Alberto Hernandez rescued and revived to Barbie, intoxicated by the carbon monoxide.

Alberto Hernández said that “we came to a rescue of a suicide attempt, and upon reaching the place we found that the room was completely closed. My mate Erick broke a glass window of the door to be able to enter the same”.

He added: “once he entered he realized that the person who had caused all this, unfortunately, was without vital signs and about the same had 11 dogs, 10 of whom had lost their lives and one of them was still with some signs. Then he was the one who realized he still had vital signs. Pulled out in a sheet to a ventilated spot in the same yard of the house, to be able to give more ventilation”.

Erick Quiroz was mentioned that he gave vent to Barbie, who began to breathe and regain consciousness. She was transferred to the Control Center Kennel of Tultitlán, where he received specialized medical attention.

“And for that we are also, our work is for that, to safeguard the physical integrity, property of any citizen and any living being,” he said.

He added: “it was Not in vain that the work that we did, thanks to the training in the Directorate of Civil Protection give to us we were able to come to a good end.”

Barbie is recovered, and was delivered by the municipal government to Wells Band, that will have a few days at home while advancing his rehabilitation and then find a home for them.

“The dog is going to be in rehabilitation. We’re going to try to knock it forward, because right now, you have a very deep depression. As soon as you are in conditions, we will find a home where the treated well, they want a lot and try to recover from what happened,” said the protective of animals.

He reiterated: “I Want to say that we all need help and these chaparral in the street, or that things happened like this, they need a lot of help. People do not think that they are part of the street, are part of a society.”

Wells Band stressed that does not belong to any organization and collaborates in the rescue of animals with the Animal Control Center of Tultitlan, which he does with the few resources that you get, along with other companions, protectors that are independent of animals.

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