Seek to ban next chinese festival of dog meat – CDN

BEIJING.- Organizations defending the rights of animals will seek that the authorities of the south of China to ban the next annual festival of dog meat, which has stained the international reputation of the country.

Activists from a coalition of groups said Monday that they will continue to press for the festival are prohibited, as well as for the creation of laws that prohibit the slaughter of dogs and cats and the consumption of its meat.

It is estimated that between 10 and 20 million dogs are slaughtered every year in China for their meat. The festival ?? June 20 in the chinese city of Yulin has come to symbolize the extreme cruelty against canines, and unhygienic practices of food handling related to the non-regulated sector.

The director of the Protective Association of Animals in VShine, Yu Hongmei, said that China needs to follow the example of the great majority of developed nations that have banned the feeding of meat to dogs and cats.

“China has to move with the times,” said Yu. “The prevention of cruelty to animals is the sign of a mature society and civilized”, he added.

The owners of restaurants in China claim that eating dog meat is traditional during the summer, but opponents argue that the festival, which began in 2010, has no cultural value, and that it was simply invented to increase their profits.

Since 2014, the local government has tried to dissociate itself from the issue, although he has forbidden his employees who attend and has limited the size of the festival, closing down some markets and slaughterhouses of dogs.

Even so, it is estimated that up to 10,000 dogs, many of them pets stolen still wearing their necklaces, they are slaughtered for the festival that takes place in the interior of the autonomous region of Guangxi, a largely rural and poor.

Some of the animals are transported tightly inside metal cages small, six or seven in each one, for hundreds of kilometres (miles) without food or water. The sacrifice performed in front of other animals, usually with a stick to cause pain and fear, which according to the owners of restaurants makes your flesh, full of adrenaline, you know better.

“Psychologically and mentally, die many times,” said Peter J. Li, a specialist in politics to China for humane Society International.

Dog meat also poses risks to human health, because it can transmit diseases such as trichinosis, rabies, and cholera, according to the humane Society.

Guangxi is already one of the worst five areas of China affected by rabies between humans and Yulin ranks as one of the 10 chinese cities in number of cases, adds the organisation.

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