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Francisco J. Torres Band.-

Cd. Victoria, Tam.- As serious, was rated the problem of abandonment of animals in public, according to the founding president of the Association for the protection of Animals in the City of Nuevo Laredo, Gina Ferrara Theriot, this is a problem that has been growing due to the apathy of the owners of the pets.

Unveiled, that it is seeking amendments to the Animal Protection Law, for which sanctions apply not only to go on the economic issue, but that they apply to the corporal punishment (jail), depending on the damage you do to the pet, talking to a dog or a cat although seeking to be considered also donkeys and horses, for the problem other than that they have in the towns.

Within the changes that are intended to, Ferrara Theriot, said, that the different Associations of Protective Animals that exist in the State and that they have shelter, they will be working with the centers rabies, to attend to the stray dogs by giving them in adoption and to bring them to the sacrifice those who pose a risk to the public health.

As founding president, gave to know, that the abandonment have qualified from the moment they take him to the shelter or throw it away in the street, mentioning that more than 12 thousand animals that serve the year, leading to the sacrifice and 60 percent of them, which in their majority present a picture of critical and physical health, representing a risk to society.

It is necessary, he said that the State will give the campaigns of sterilization and castration this to minimize the problem and go to make an entity with modernization.

Finally and in regard to complaints for animal abuse, the founder of the Protective Association of Animals, announced that it received 15 complaints a day, however these do not thrive because they have to support with evidence, and not just because the association filed the complaint.

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