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California, United States.

Actress Shannen Doherty is recovering gradually their energies after the conclusion of the treatments of chemo and radiation therapy you have undergone as part of her treatment to overcome the breast cancer that was diagnosed in march of 2015.

For the moment, is already strong enough to go to a gala organized by a protector of animals and go even the red carpet to pose before the media alongside the founder of the association, Marc Ching.

«I find great, great. And I feel very fortunate. Lucky to be here, standing next to Marc, and lucky to be a part of this foundation and that this night we can lend our voice to those less fortunate who do not have a will,» said the interpreter to People.

Throughout her battle against the disease, Shannen has shared in the social networks of their progress and setbacks, or the bitter drink that was raparse the head when he started losing his characteristic mane, to helpr to others in the same situation, although she stresses the importance of her courage.

«I don’t consider myself an inspiration. For me, Marc is someone inspiring. The horrors they face every day make cancer seem like a small thing. If I manage to help someone, then I’m very happy. But for me, this man here is an inspiration», said about the work of the protective rescuing animals abandoned and abused.

In this last public appearance, which was the protagonist of the series, ‘Haunted’ was accompanied by her husband, who wanted to share in their social networks a fragment of the speech that he delivered his famous women to reveal how proud that made him feel to see her again in action.

«This is from his speech of last night by presenting a benefit gala in Hollywood. I was presenting to the activist of the rights of animals and savior of dogs Marc Ching. Failed to extract a lot of tears in the room. And I felt very proud of my wife for your gift of words and his ability to connect with others,» wrote Kut along to the recording.

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