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Of advanced, but not of pioneer, can be described as the Court of Supreme Justice by his memorable failure of ‘habeas corpus’ in favour of the spectacled bear, Chucho, which is 18 years ago in the zoo of Barranquilla, and will return to the freedom that should never have lost. This legal remedy, as it is known, is a public action having for its object the protection of the personal freedom of anyone caught in violation of the constitutional guarantees or legal, or be subjected to a prolongation of illegal deprivation of its freedom.

This sensible decision is not a pioneer, I say, because there have already been similar cases like the one that occurred in Argentina in November of last year: Pedro Pozas Terrados, executive director of the Project Great Ape, who fights for the rights of the great apes, anthropomorphic, and that has its main headquarters in Spain, informed us on 4 April with a great shout to his followers: “last November 3, 2016, the Third Court of Guarantees of the Judiciary in the argentine state of Mendoza, issued a historic ruling at the global level and of special importance in the recognition of the rights of animals, and especially of the great apes ever granted to a non-human in favour of a chimpanzee called Cecilia.

«Several years ago has lasted the judicial process in which the Officers Association for the rights of Animals (Afada) in collaboration with the Project Great Ape from Spain and Brazil filed a ‘habeas corpus’ for this chimpanzee, which has remained in loneliness after the death of his two companions in the zoo of Mendoza and that was in a deplorable conditions and inhumane, without enough space, stepping only cement…”.

In the case of Cecilia, the judge María Alejandra Mauritius said that the chimpanzee and the great apes in general “are sentient beings and therefore subjects of rights are not human”, and therefore ordered his immediate transfer to the shrine attached to the project Great Simio International in Brazil… “the aim here is Not to give them the rights that they possess human beings, but accept and understand of a good time that these entities are living beings, sentient, that they are subjects of rights and that assists them, among others, the fundamental right to be born, to live, to grow up and die in the middle which is proper to them according to their species”, he argued.

To study and raise legal actions in favor of the rights of animals to freedom and dignity

The Project Great Ape and NGOS animalistic and animal protection in Colombia and the world, ask for a review and raise legal actions in favor of the rights of animals to freedom and dignity. This call must be followed, and the freedom for them should not be classified as unusual, or many less than absurd, as it has recently been said in some media to the root of the failure on Chucho, even though it is logically complex, and sometimes impossible, relocation to beings that have been living outside of their habitat and therefore each situation must be handled taking into account their specificities. Without a doubt, the debate should serve as a basis for taking definitive measures in anti-captivity animal and much less in conditions of overcrowding or loneliness on the cold tiles of cement as occurs in the majority of cases.

Incidentally, I wish the Code Police will apply sanctions that are effective not only to those who leave pet waste scattered all over the roads, but also to the owners of these that they hold and are regularly moored in long days and nights of loneliness. No more to the captivity and mistreatment of pets. These behaviors are sued and punished. As says the Court in his ‘habeas corpus’ for Chucho, “animals are subjects of rights to sentient non-human… must be the object of protection and conservation compared to the suffering, abuse, cruelty and unjustified”.

P. D. by the way: a recognition of the humane Society of Medellín in its 100 years and its director Aníbal Vallejo, who has dedicated 30 years of his life. To herself and to him, thank you in the name of a culture of greater respect for the animals that have managed to create in the midst of all the difficulties possible. They deserve a public homage.


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