Seven years of promoting the love and respect to the animals –

Since I was a little girl, Martha Téllez called to the vocation of loving the animals. Seven years ago, a thirteen September, he founded the ‘Hostel Heart Canine’, a civil association that has the aim of rescuing dogs from street and they have suffered abuse.

But the greatest achievement that they have obtained is that the people have gained a greater awareness regarding the care of their pets.

«It has been a huge effort but leaves a lot of satisfaction. I remember when we started selling bracelets, watches, t-shirts, the thing, thousands of raffles, which we did to build the facility and now we have a good team and a good space to receive the puppies,» he said.

The Hostel Heart Canine is in bd Constitution 2175 east and its telephone number is 2040164.

This year has been very good for them. Already have two veterinarians that offer services at very affordable cost, giving on the whole the service of sterilization, which for example last year was around 350, and that in this year there have already been 500, so expect that figure to double.

It is a form of command resources, but also make the Reciclón and many other activities, call deliver donations to be able to deal with the hunger of their mutts, with the support of volunteers who give their time and their space for these beings to lead a better life.

They not only help dogs, but also cats, and other species that suddenly people don’t know where to take.

«The most difficult thing is to deal with the people or with the same rescuer because sometimes we have different ideas. Even there is overpopulation of dogs in the peripheries, also remains the abuse,” he says.

But even so, thanks to the work of shelters as Heart Canine and rescuers as Martha, the people know that having a pet is a responsibility, and that is very important for your quality of life the best it can be, there are still those who believe that do not feel, but yes, of course.

Better living conditions for the animals. by that we sometimes have different ideas. Even there is overpopulation of dogs in the suburbs; it also remains the abuse,» he says.

Have driven the law change, which is reflected in better living conditions for the animals. The people even when they are very humble, now take the time to go to the spay / neuter campaigns at low cost, or free, which organized the town hall but in the end were eliminated, marking a setback.

Thanks to this kind of work, now, who see the mistreatment of any pet you can call the police and the agents van.

You can report abuse, resulting in an improvement not only for the animals but for society as a whole, because it humanizes us. «The basis of our work is the adoption, and sterilization. We invite you to adopt instead of buy, and to sterilize their pets,» said Martha.

The Hostel Heart Canine is in bd Constitution 2175 east and its telephone number is 2040164.

Do not get pets that people want to get rid of, so usually have filled its space. But if you want to adopt a can, this is a very good place to go for one of these grateful chuchitos.


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