Slaughter and abuse are some of the dangers to which … – THE DEBATE

The idea of zoos is that these areas are a refuge for different species to be found there. In most cases the security that it has for the visitors is very good, however, the protection towards animals is an almost non-existent, to this is added the sacrifice and abuse.

There is a history where the animals are hurt due to the poor infrastructure they have in some zoos, or are killed by criminals or the workers themselves.


Leone was thrown into the pit of security

A lioness scared the visitors of the tour offered by Bioparque Monterrey when he jumped into the moat of security at the time that the truck in which they were traveling went by the place, as can be seen in a video shared on social networks.

After the incident, Bioparque Monterrey issued a statement to explain that the visitors are safe at all times, that the space reserved for the lions has a barrier of 7 metres wide by 7 high.


Criminals kill the Hippo Gustavito in El Salvador

Suspected criminals attacked Gustavito with rods of iron, stones and weapons short stabbing and his death shocked the salvadorans flooded into social networks, the most challenging of the authorities of the zoo and the government.

Slaughter and abuse are some of the dangers to which ... - THE DEBATE 1
Employees help the hipopotame first attacked by suspected criminals. Photo @FCristales

Kill a gorilla to save child who fell into its enclosure

It was called Harambe and was shot to death after a child of four years ended up within the enclosure of the gorillas from the Cincinnati zoo, USA


The captivity of crazy animals

The animals in zoos sleep and eat too, exhibiting a behavior that rarely, if ever, seen in the wild.

Large animals such as bears and big cats walking incessantly. Primates and birds are automutilan, and the chimps and gorillas become overly aggressive.

Animals in captivity do not show any interest in the reproduction, or, on the contrary, are obsessed with sex.

A study conducted by the Association for the protection of Animals in Captivity, concluded that 90% of public aquariums analyzed showed animals with neurotic behavior, such as interacting with boundaries that are transparent, take constantly the head above the surface of the water, spinning around an imaginary object, and recline on your side with frequency and rub against the floor of the tank.

Danger behind bars

It is presumed that in many zoos in the country, the animals have been poisoned, deprived of veterinary care and burned alive in fires. Many have died after eating coins, plastic bags and other objects thrown into their cages.

Other animals have been beaten, beaten and stolen by people who managed to have access to their facilities.

To natural disasters such as floods, fires, or hurricanes, animals are often abandoned to their fate.

Slaughter and abuse are some of the dangers to which ... - THE DEBATE 2
Some animals show striking oversights. Photo: Dogguie.

Animals surplus

Zoos know that a newborn animal will attract many visitors, which is why they accelerate constantly the reproduction of the animals, thereby achieving a surplus of adult animals who are less attractive by visitors.

In consequence, the zoos periodically exchanged, provided on loan, sold, swapped and stored adult animals that they don’t want.

Zoos of the future

The industry of zoos should cease to be a prison to become a refuge, where the rights and welfare of the individual animals are the top priority.

Indica to the zoo in your locality that the public will support this change and exígele that stop the reproduction of the species to provide a greater space to fewer animals and give place to the wild animals that have been confiscated from cages, basements, circuses, and reservations.

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