Smear glue cats to newborns and they throw you in a box – Universal – Colombia

O cruelty! So define many citizens what is happening with the animals in Cartagena. Each day is known cases that cause outrage not only in the city but in the country.

This time, the victims were cats. Animals, 15 days old, were found rubbed with glue and abandoned in a box near a trash container in the sector of Las Bovedas, in the Historic Centre. So he denounced the Protective Association of Animals to this environment.

«It is reprehensible that citizens continue leaving abandoned animals in streams, roads, rubbish, but the most repugnant is this. It shows a society that is indifferent and apathetic to the animal protection», pointed out Maria Bonfante Stephens, president of the Association.

Cats were valued in a veterinary of the city and once they are recovered they will be put up for adoption.

The leader animalistic questioned who have not yet been progress in the implementation of a public policy to protect and care for animals of the city and asked the District to strengthen awareness-raising campaigns for the protection of these living beings.

«We ask the Mayor to give time to these processes and to allocate a starting budget that is consistent with the conditions that have animals in Cartagena», he stressed.

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