Smell, the best weapon of the squad canine to detect drugs and … – THE DEBATE

The 31 officers are concerned. Are you ready to enter service and to go against the criminals and why they do not stop barking for a moment. They are disciplined, active, strong, but also playful and loving.

Dima and Otho (better known as Mr. Bear) are some of the law enforcement authorities that belong to the Canine Unit of the ministry of Public Security of the municipality of Puebla (SSP) and have been hard and relentless against the crime.

The belgian shepherd malinois, shepherds, German, labrador and golden retriever are part of the squadron of teams specialized in the detection of narcotics, firearms, and explosives, which operate in the city of Puebla.

Smell, the best weapon of the squad canine to detect drugs and ... - THE DEBATE 1
The official canines, along with their peers human, have performed more than a thousand 800 referrals of suspected criminals, of which 851 were to Judge Qualifier, and 739 to the Public Ministry.

“It is a pleasure and a satisfaction to see them go out to work and that maybe you will find waste, because who finds a residue means that you are working and, well, when there are large seizures is like a cherry on the cake,” says the in-charge of the area of training of the dogs, the police first Alejandra Rosas Martinez.

2014 to date, the Canine Unit has secured more than 200 kilograms of marijuana and 882 parts of LSD, among other illegal substances, in operations that are implemented in the central bus, colonies and housing estates.

Rose Martinez was trained in the Federal Police, where he was also in his command to agents canines trained in the united States and Mexico, and from a couple of years ago, is in charge of training command in the capital of the state of Puebla.

“I feel a great responsibility, as if they were my kids, take them to the vet, medicines, cures, and that they are well-to-enter service,” says the official specialist in etiology canine, selection and origin of the dog, hygiene, health, equipment, and training materials.

Dima and Otho, the example to follow. The Canine Unit of the City of Puebla counts with the certification granted by the Association Tactic of Latin American Operators and the Specialization Course for Handlers and Canines of the National Association of canine Handlers Canine Professionals from Spain.

The last two certifications were carried out by the US K9 Academy Police Dog Training Center, Dog Training Police of the united States, an institution recognized and awarded internationally with headquarters in Miami.

One of the official emblem is Dima, a golden retriever two and a half years, a specialist in detection of narcotics and an example for the rest of their peers in service.

“It is a copy somewhat restless, who likes to frolic, dies by the toy, it is not known to be still, it is naughty, but he likes to inspect everything, by more that one would like to have it still, because he knows that when he comes out of his cage is to go to work,” described the coach.

In the Central Bus station of Puebla, Dima managed one of the assurances most important, not for its size, but so complex. Cocaine was introduced into milk powder for babies and wrapped up in packages to the high vacuum. “Is your major finding,” recalls Alejandra Rosas.

Smell, the best weapon of the squad canine to detect drugs and ... - THE DEBATE 2
The canine units exist not only in Mexico but in other countries of the world and some help in case of disaster. Photo: is

In the Unit all fight the crime. 2016 to 2017 it is reported, for example, the assurance of two rolls of fabric in the interior of which is stored 45 pounds of marijuana; as well as the detection of a bag with 14 kilograms also of marijuana.

The smell of the official detected in the Bus station a man who was carrying two suitcases with 383 tablets of amphetamines, 375 doses of LSD, 16 kilograms of marijuana and three packages with hashish.

One of the police canines emblem is Otho, a belgian shepherd malinois four and a half years, known for their human companions as Mr. Bear, for being very mature and fully operational.

Mr. Bear can not only detect an odor of marijuana to 10 or 15 miles, but that is the one who keeps at bay the rest of their peers when they try to behave unruly. “He is always working,” he summarizes.

Of the 31 officers, canines, five are about to be retired for eight and nine years of service in the corporation. This is Onyx, Glock, Tava, Luck, and Raven, who will leave the uniform to the physical wear that involves taking care of the citizens.

Onyx and Joseph move too easily for the suitcases and the recesses of the walls in search of prohibited substances.

Three years together, being cops, and they know their exact movement when they perform searches in the luggage of travellers, in pockets of trousers of men, and even in the holes farthest.

Smell, the best weapon of the squad canine to detect drugs and ... - THE DEBATE 3
The perfect pair. Black labrador jet remains stationary at the side of the official José Luis Olvera. They are the perfect pair. Photo: El Universal

“It is very quiet, when you need love ask for it and when you decide to work there is that work,” says Jose Luis of your canine companion Onyx, thanks to which his little daughter of four years, sees him as the central character of the cartoon Patrol Pups.

Take a little time integrating the binomial, but the human agent sees the future and imagines the side of Onyx when he has retired, because he loves him and constantly gives you joys with the assurance of tranquilizers.

With information from El Universal.

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