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The humane Society continues its tireless work to safeguard and give them a better target to the abandoned pets. In these five months of 2017 already managed to give up for adoption to 35 dogs and cats, between puppies and adults, which found a new home to live.

The president of the entity, Mariana Ghigo, was happy and satisfied with the work they have been doing the volunteers of the Protective.

“Some of them had several years of living in our land, a situation that makes us happy and encourages us to give ever more animals adult for adoption,”he said.

According to the animalist, “the adoption of adult animals, and sometimes even old men, are an excellent alternative for families, especially in those cases in which their members do not want to take care of the needs of a puppy. The adult animals manage to adapt very well to new homes, just have some patience,” he said.

It is worth noting that in the case of these animals, the Protective since the delivery castrated.

Homes transit

The homes of transit are crucial for the activity of the entity, since that is the urgent daily because of the large number of dropouts. “The home of transit or the host for an animal to aid in their recovery without losing the family bond that we want for the pet, the recovery of the animals in homes, makeshift is always better and faster. In our grounds, while it is a place in which we put all our love, we have time constraints for our work and personal reasons,” said Ghigo.

It is also important to note that the entity has the policy to accompany the households temporary and the animal is in transit with adequate food, medical care, veterinary, and the subsequent process of adoption of the or animals.

At present, the Protective works along with 10 households transients, which are not permanent but depends on the possibilities of each family. In addition to the homes of volunteers of the entity tend to become provisional.

Anyway the entity urgently needs more homes because every day there are abandoned pets. Those interested can contact the the page of Facebook: Society for the protection of Animals San Francisco Group «M Gemelli«.

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