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By Andrea Carrión / WUF

The images we have seen this week on the disaster that has been caused huaicos and floods in different regions of Peru, aware of the immense need that they are having dozens of communities at this time. The help is already on its way and the great majority is meant to help people. It is for this reason that a number of groups of one way and another working for the welfare of the animals, are solidarizando with those affected, and have created the following channels so that you can also help.


The non-profit association WUF stands in solidarity with the animals and you will be helping the dogs affected in 3 ways:

1. Currently WUF has been conducting a campaign through which, sharing this publication will be donated over 12 tonnes Earthborn Holistic to hostels in Lima. This week the brand of food confirmed that of this amount, at least 1 ton will go to the north of the country. The food donated will be taken thanks to the Pesquera Diamante and the management of the association Piura in Action. Some of the associations, to help will be Animal Faith, the Alpha Animal, Ecoanimalia Piura, among others. For its part, the logistics company Scharff will be helping the sent and delivery of the food.

2. Morning in the event of adoption ‘Know your Wuf’, in San Borja, will be receiving donations for Vets in natural disasters aid to the affected areas (Nazca, Cañete, Pampacta, Chosica).

Suggested donations: in Addition to food for dogs, rubber boots, food, non-perishable foods and lots of water, it will accept chlorhexidine , chloride, venoclisis, surgical tape, syringe 1,3,5,10 ml, and antibiotics, dexamethasone, keramina, diazepam , tramadol, acepromazine, curabichera, kills bicheira, antibiotics tablets, cephalexin, enrofloxacin, neomycin, antibiotic creams , drizza, ropes, doxycycline, halatal, ivermectin, needles 21 x 1.5, alcohol , cotton, hypochlorous acid, gauze , aatéter , elastic bandages, bandages of plaster.

‘Know your Wuf’

When: Saturday, march 18, from 6 to 8 pm.

Where: Play Land Can the Pentagonito in San Borja.

3. Another way to help is by making a bank transfer to WUF that will help Veterinarians in Natural Disasters.

RUC: 20600701283

Account Interbank: 1073001163511

Account bank: 00310700300116351104

“We are at a crucial moment to demonstrate the national unity. We know that the priority of everyone is to help all human lives as possible. And for that same reason, we want to provide a channel of assistance for the four-legged can also receive the support that is now even more necessary than normal,” said Patricia Soriano, general manager of WUF.

«Earthborn holistic is a brand committed to giving the best in nutrition canine. We could not stop to be present and help the dogs of the north, who need us now more than ever. We urge all to cooperate in any way to our suffering brethren». Dayan Mekler, general manager of American Pets, representative in Peru of Earthborn Holistic

Vets in natural disasters

This is a group of approximately 600 veterinarians that has been created through social networks to join forces in times of natural disasters. On this occasion, great part of them are already being made to bring medical care to the animals of the most affected areas of the country.


The Peruvian Association of Animal Protection will make this Sunday a visit to the area in Chosica, Lurigancho and San Juan de Lurigancho to help the animals affected by the huaicos and floods. At this point you already have the number of volunteers needed, but are in great need of donations of food for domestic animals and farm. Also medicines and bottled water.

Points of Collection enabled in Lima:

-Teruel 280, Miraflores (Alt. 41 Ave. Arequipa)

-Walk to the Republic 2500, lynx (to 2 cdras de Javier Prado with the Via Express)

-Calle Arias Aragüéz 270, Miraflores (alt. Cdra 11 Benavides).

-Veterinary OASIS. Ave. Angamos this 2455, Torres de Limatambo, san Borja

-America TV. Mariano Carranza 389, urb. Sta Beatriz.

For more information, enter here


Due to like mud floods of the last few weeks, the people of Voice Animal Peru has been without water for more than 70 dogs that are in your hostel. The reason: ruptures in the pipes that we supply. Currently have to buy water every day and do not know until when.

They are asking for help with jerry cans of water, especially those who go to the south. The specific address will be given via inbox in your account of Facebook.

For those who can colabrorar from Lima, there will be an event organized by Magnesol where they will collect water for the hostel.

Cuñando: Sunday, march 19 from 9 am.

Where: Av 28 de Julio 776, Miraflores
In addition, the money raised from entries to the conference of Dr. Perez-Albela will be directed to the hostel.

You can also collaborate directly with Voice Animal by making a bank transfer to your account.

For more information, enter here


“We will build homes for the surviving animals” is the name of the campaign being carried out by the association Group Charity with the aim of helping those affected by huaicos and floods. To do so they need volunteers to build 6 houses of 24m2 that will serve to welcome more than 20 dogs, survivors of the recent natural disasters that have occurred in our country.

The appointment is this Saturday, march 18 at noon in Entel of Avenida La Molina with Javier Prado. From there will leave for the shelter that this group has in Cieneguilla to the start of construction.

You will need: strips of pine (the most thick), and tables of the same wood, calaminas and eternit. It seeks to build the houses of wood identical to those that already exist in the shelter, with wood and concrete floor. Everything must be ready on the same day to be able to start the rescue on Sunday 19th or maximum Monday.

For more information, enter here

In Trujillo

Ronald Castro is a handler and canine who lives in Trujillo and that has helped not only with the victims of their city, but also of Piura and Chiclayo, mainly. Note that in the area of The Miracle, this week a huaico razed the hostel of Vanezza Zarate, where she took care of 15 dogs we rescued. Currently the animals are scattered in the homes of the neighbors, who are also in similar situation.

Castro plans to take today for some supplies donated, and will continue to receive water and canned food to continue supporting the animals affected in the next few days.

For more information , contact the 949885318


In addition

Veterinarian Omar Cavero and the team of the veterinary Puppyland will be joining forces with the Veterinary Clinic, Santa Maria de Chosica to help the animal flood victims of that area. They are receiving donations of food, water and medicines in Poultry. Spring 1780, Furrow. Everything will be taken this Sunday, march 19, in a truck loaned by a personal friend.

You can also donate balanced food for dogs and cats in the Veterinary Sea of Tails (Avenida Tomás Marsano 4391 Ridge), in The Garden of Jasmine (Av Peace 939 Miraflores) and in Delivery of the Red House (Calle General Silva 699 Miraflores).

Canine Association Malaga

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