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The humane Society in Sucre started in this week, the spaying and neutering of cats who are in prison or The Vega from Sincelejo, to avoid the proliferation of these to the inside of the prison.

In the prison environment they inhabit dozens of cats, who have been born in this place, and that they are pets of many inmates. Others enter at the time of the meal and leave afterwards.

“Began to capture the cats, spay the females and castration of males. Remain in the clinic for 5 days and subsequently placed in their habitat,” reported Mufith Salaiman, president of the Society for the protection of Animals in the Department.

He explained that the surgeries that were done to the cats seeks to improve the quality of life of these and so that they can be maintained by the inmates of the criminal.

The work is conducted by 7 defenders of animals, who with their own resources decided to contribute to continue to grow the population of cats who live with inmates in the prison, and roam about in the different courts of the same.

“The Inpec has contributed only with the permission for the entry to the correctional facility, with a number of conditions that we respect and abide by in terms of security,” said Salaiman.

He explained that for the sterilization of the cats will require an investment of $20 million, taking into account that about 250 to 300 cats that are in that place. “We did a census with the representatives of the internal several days ago and in this week we begin the procedure. We are happy because we see the love that you have cats and they share their little food with the animals,” she said.

For the capture of the cats were installed some traps, artisanal baskets, which are sterilized, work carried out by three veterinarians. “We were able to observe some queens that are pregnant, wait for that stop, and subsequently sterilize them to slow down the growth of the population,” he said.

The inmates were receptive to the process that is underway to prevent an increase in the number of cats.

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