Someone kicked a Golden Retriever so hard until he almost died.

Right after rescuing Masik from this video: (1.8 million views).
We received another call on the Hope For Paws emergency line. A Golden Retriever was laying down for many hours, unresponsive, and Loreta Frankonyte and I knew it was an emergency. Of course, there was no way for us to know how badly he was injured (nothing was visible), but we could tell that something was wrong internally. After the rescue, we named him Antonio, and rushed to see Dr. Pedraza. He told us that looking at the ultrasound images, it looks like he was kicked really hard. He didn't believe that the dog was hit by a car because there were no signs of that – no road rash, no broken bones, no visible trauma that is always present in cases where dogs are hit by cars… it was a hit that injured his liver and spleen. Because of the injury, Antonio was bleeding internally, and the doctor told us that if we didn't get to him that day, he would have bled internally and would have died within hours. After the surgery, he continued to our friends at The Little Red Dog: and the rest of this story is in this video 🙂 When you donate to Hope For Paws, you are enabling us to spend more time rescuing and less time fundraising for these surgeries. If you can, please join us today and become a Hope For Paws member – even a $5 monthly donation would be an amazing help: Oh, you can follow Antonio (Toni) on Instagram here: Thank you so much, Eldad Follow us on Instagram: ASOCIACIÓN CANINA ESTEPONA ANIMAL SHELTER ESTEPONA

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