Sonia Montero – Diario del Huila

Is the director of the Protective Association of Animals and today speaks to us of his valuable work.

Sonia Montero is neivana, has two careers, one in Law and another in Education; and is a specialist in Law, Sanctions, Human Rights and Defence before the international systems of protection, is Also an entrepreneur and the director of the Association Advocate for Animals.

She deeply loves animals and has realized that love by helping them effectively, has homes for cats and dogs and has been dedicated to ensure the welfare of the animals unprotected Huila.

Where does your vocation to help animals?

Since she was a child, in my house there were always pets, the joy of my dad was to help the puppies creoles, but in addition to that I’ve always carried in my heart, I have felt that love for animals of any species, I can not be indifferent to animal abuse, I have faced difficult situations to defend them, especially with the animals of animal traction.

When did you decide to give themselves completely to this work?

The truth before you make part of the Association advocate for Animals, rescuing animals abandoned, recovered, and gave them up for adoption, visit zoonoses and they carried food and medicine to those who were there; but when my daughter had an accident in college where I was studying, I came to mind to create a shelter, but someone told me that there already was one and it was well as I made contact with Martha and I teamed up to work with them in this work.

How can you help a person to the Association for the protection of Animals?

Many thanks for putting me on this question, the truth is that we need the help of all people of good heart, what can be done in many ways, with money, with drugs, with food, construction materials (cement, bricks, tiles zinc), blankets, toys, and with work, that is to say, as volunteers, because the office that demand the hostel is a lot and the human resource is very little.

How many animals you have in your care?

I guess me question to me and not to the hostel, and the truth, I have several in my house and on my farm, the most rewarding thing of this, is how grateful they are, go crazy when they see me, they are my company, I relax a lot with them, while sometimes they are jealous and they quarrel.

Do huilenses if you adopt animals?

Very little, the people here do not have the culture of adoption, when they call, ask for races and we are criollos, the truth of race very few, is to say that people prefer to buy that take. If people think how happy that will put them when a family adopts them, that’s priceless. When I go to the shelter and I see so many sad faces who have spent several years waiting for a home, that’s my soul.

What are the animals that most adopting the huilenses?

In the hostel, the dogs, but sadly lack the commitment to adoption, as the lose or abandon them when they move from town or home, we have had many cases of dogs and cats lost or by neglect of the kill the bikes or the cars

Do you have a favourite animal?

Yes, the cats. I have chemistry with them, in fact in the hostel, I have always been in the care of them, with their food, their medicines, trying to keep them as best as possible, gives me a lot of sadness the way that the people of desase of them, they throw you in cardboard boxes, in garbage bags, the burned, that’s why the recommendation is to sterilize, so we avoid overcrowding, both canines as for felines.

What is the animal identified?

That difficult question, but I think that I identify with the intelligence and calmness of the cats.

What do you think about the people that don’t like animals?

It’s something respectable, one cannot impose the liking for animals, that are carried in the soul, the heart. There is much myth around animals, especially pets, black cats, the hairs of the cat, the nails of the cat, that I damaged the furniture… here not would I, with the amount of things that people say about it.

What an animal he didn’t like it?

I fear snakes and scorpions.

The people around them, What they think of your work with animals?

Support Me unconditionally, look up to me and I collaborate, so that gives me a lot of joy, as my children love the pets that we have, and are baptized with names and surnames.

What are the moves?

Indisputably, animal abuse, during these years I have been in Asoanimales I’ve seen so many sad stories that sometimes I wonder, why there are people so inhumane, which is why I prefer not to look at or videos, nor photos of the most severe cases, because I get depressed.

What this denied?

To accept that we have to perform euthanasia on an animal, when you are unable to give up for adoption, and more when their health conditions are favorable.

How a person forgives everything except what?

It is unfair

What makes you laugh?

A movie comedy or a good joke

Who is the person that most influences you in your life?

My children, are my pole to the ground, the reason for living, they are polar opposites, my daughter is quiet, very noble, very calm and my son is more rapid, of a character a little stronger, but equally, we have a very nice, they are unconditional with me.

Does your favorite restaurant?

I like several, Nagazaki, The Sun, Great Wines.

What rhythm makes you dance?

I love the vallenato

A pyrope unforgettable…

You are the most important thing in my life

How is planned the Association Advocate for Animals?

Positioned in the region, having managed to reduce the overpopulation canine and feline, having failed to raise the people against animal abuse, educating through training in schools, communes, boards of community action, about the responsible ownership with their pets, changing the mentality of the people, that the Association was not created to pick up dogs and cats, but to ensure the care and protection of them.

And you how it is projected?

Strengthened professionally, I love my career, enjoy what I do, I learn every day new things, obviously supporting the cause of animal up to where God will allow me and enjoying my children and the gains they reap.

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