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Elegant, smart, independent, neat, stealthy, and loving are the adjectives that best define the cats. Perhaps by the fact of being owners of these and many other virtues managed to conquer the heart of Sonia Montero, his great benefactor. And that is from several years ago, she decided to embark on a crusade to rescue mininos of the street, rescuing them from danger and providing its power.

“Are animals that are left to their fate, in the street and in poor conditions. So what we do is to give you a roof, food, and veterinary care for pilots improve their quality of life,” said Sonia, who is a dedicated partner of the Association for the protection of Animals – Asoanimales and its hostel where she cares for rescued stray cats.

“Five and half years ago I teamed up to Asoanimales. When I arrived there was not in the hostel an exclusive space for cats, but it was giving the necessity of constructing a space for them due to the increase of cases of kittens abandoned”.

Initially were two guests gatunos, but with time the number increased and currently the figure reaches almost to 200 copies.

Today, when celebrating the International Day of the Cat, Sonia Montero, gave a message of respect and love for the ronroneadores.

“Are pets that are easy to love and very grateful. When one gives love to a cat, they will correspond to that love. They are loving, tender, really worth having one as a pet”.
‘Mom cat’

Sonia Montero is known as the ‘mother cat’, and it is not for less because throughout these five and a half years with Asoanimales has been dedicated to ensure the welfare of the felines, even investing its own resources to have their veterinary care and food.

“There has not been an easy task but very rewarding. To know that they can provide at least what is necessary is a happiness complete,” said Sonia.

At the headquarters of the Protective Association of Animals there are three areas established to house the cats, depending on ages. Most of them have been sterilized and so many others are being prepared for this surgical process, but at the request of mininos the task is sometimes difficult.

For Asoanimales, the goal is to rescue them, treat them medically and to prepare them to give them in adoption. However, this has been a difficult task due to the stigma attached to this species of animal.

“People say it gives bad luck, that’s why black cats are difficult to give in adoption. Also ensure that transmit any number of diseases, and that has prevented finding them a home. It is time that we change that mentality, the cats are the only animals that require love and care, like any other pet,” said Sonia Montero.

Another aspect that has slowed the adoption is that many of the potential adopters want a cat only to end with the plagues of their homes.

“They have come because in the house have many mice and they need to end up with the plague. These people do not give them gaticos because it is understood that we are going to give care, or much less power. Yes we need to give them in adoption but this is not to quit them to free us from that responsibility.”

Mrs. Montero said that the cats are a good choice of pets as you want that are easily adapted to a space, they are independent, smart and loving.
Finally, he asked for collaboration in order to sustain the nearly 200 mininos that to date, living in the hostel of Asoanimales.

“The people sympathize more for the dogs than the cats. In fact, they are the gaticos are the most abandoned, and when we make a call to collect aid, all of which are intended to benefit the dogs. The task is to sensitize the community to also look at the gaticos as pets, as living beings that need support”.

In addition to food, blankets and sand, request cardboard boxes, tables, balls, and every kind of toy to minimize the levels of stress in the mininos.

The councillor of Neiva and veterinary, Mayra Alejandra Zambrano Fierro, also a part of Asoanimales. She spoke about the importance of spaying or neutering cats and thus control the proliferation of the species.

“We need to control the overpopulation feline in Neiva. To avoid the birth of many gaticos probably going to end up abandoned, abused, or dead.”

He added that one of the causes that prevents the sterilization is the lack of knowledge on the part of the owners of the pets.

“There’s a process of awareness-raising in animal welfare, and that process includes that the people should be sterilized to control overpopulation has become a problem.”

Last year the City of Neiva, in agreement with the University Corhuila, in the framework of a program of sterilization, feline and canine, operated to 1.070 animals of both sexes.

For this year it is planned to develop this is again a strategy to intervene to 2,000 cats and dogs.

Cats are pets that adapt to any space.

Are nearly 200 cats who live in Asoanimales.

All coats and breeds are cats in the hostel.

These cats are rescued from the street.

Asoanimales looking for people to adopt cats.

Cats are classified according to their ages.


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